Mywish and Zeeshan

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How We Met

We had initially met at a wedding after party back in 2010. At the time he had said something to me but I didn’t really think much of it. Later I had found out he had mentioned to one of my cousins whom he knew, that he had thought I was cute. We had become Facebook friends the next day and he DM’d me a couple of times but nothing much came of it considering I was in Canada and he was in Florida. But he didn’t give up.

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Come 2013 with all of its Facebook features, he started commenting and liking all my posts and pictures to a point where I couldn’t help but notice him. At that point I decided to message him. Slowly after several months of “staying in touch”, talking to each other became more of a regular thing which turned into a first date and we have been together since!

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how they asked

It started with a plan to “meet up” with friends prior to dinner with his sister and brother in law. We had to wait for his sister to finish coffee with a friend and his brother in law to finish work so we figured we would meet some friends down town while we waited. Little did I know, it was all part of the plan. We walked down to Belle Isle where our friends were already “waiting for us”. As we continued walking I noticed some lights ahead of me. As we got closer I realized they were string lights put up on the trees along with pictures hung from our entire relationship. As we walked through my heart was racing and he, you could tell, was very nervous.

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We walked over to the rocks by the river where he got down on one knee and opened the ring box upside down lol. He pop the question while I couldn’t stop laughing at how nervous he was. Of course the answer was a yes full of lots of excitement and joy. As he went to place the ring on my finger, he grabbed the wrong hand and began to put the ring on lol. I laughed and told him it was the wrong hand. Cleary he was nervous and it make for a very sweet and funny proposal. We then, popped a bottle of champagne and thats when it was revealed everyone was in on the planning. His sister and best friend came forward and congratulated us. Karen Tribbey Photography captured proposal and Nazia Morani Photography did a wonderful engagement photoshoot.

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Special Thanks

Nazia Morani Photography
 | Engagement Photoshoot
Karen Tribbey Photography
 | Proposal Photos