Myrleia and Pablo

How We Met

Pablo and I met in January of 2014 after a friend urged me to join Tinder. Three days in, I swiped right on one intriguing black and white profile picture. It was a match! After many exchanged messages and then late night phone calls, we eventually had our (perfect) first date. Needless to say, we both shut down our tinder accounts after that.

how they asked

Since last summer I had been telling Pablo that this winter I wanted to see snow. (I should point out that we live in Florida in order for that statement to make more sense). By January I had given up on the idea because our insane schedules didn’t seem to allow time for it. But out of the blue an opportunity came along for a friends and family ski trip to Colorado and Pablo made the time. I planned out the entire itinerary for everyone and was convinced I knew everything we were doing but apparently not. On the first day there after a nice brunch in the city of Denver the group of us drove two cars into the mountains. As we were all gazing at the amazing views from the inside of the car someone suggested we get out and take pictures. Pablo pulls of the highway onto an exit to a scenic stop called “Loveland Pass”. It was beautiful. 360 degree views of the mountains and we all took a million pictures. After 30 minutes, Pablo asked a friend to take a picture of just him and I. As we posed, Pablo started whispering how happy he was and as his breathing increased, so did my heart beat. After a moment of sweet whispers, he got down on one knee and I absolutely lost it. The feeling was surreal. I cried so hard I could barely utter a full yes.

After wiping tears from my eyes and his I realized most of my group was in on it as I look back at 6 cameras all pointed our way. We celebrated together for the rest of the weekend.

Image 1 of Myrleia and Pablo

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