Myranda and Greg

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Clifton E. French Regional Park in Minneapolis MN

How We Met

Greg and I met at Bluewater Covenant Bible Camp when we were in 8th and 9th grade. It was an unusually small camp, so everyone got to know each other that week. Well technically we met when we were in late elementary, but neither of us remember it. Our first memory of each other is at this small camp. I asked to borrow his snap off pants for my cabins skit and he wanted one of my lacy shirts for his skits, needless to say we embarrassed ourselves that night. The crazy thing is that week while we were playing a game of ultimate frisbee my mom saw us working together and thought to herself “I wonder if those two will ever have something”, well a mothers intuition was right. Fast forward to the summer after my senior year of high school, we were both on staff at camp that summer. Immediately we hit it off but me being oblivious I didn’t think anything of it. Although Greg says he knew from the very beginning that we would get together. Because I was oblivious he spent half of the summer trying to get me to notice that he wanted more than a friendship.

Proposal Ideas Clifton E. French Regional Park in Minneapolis MN

When I finally did realize I was shocked, also I did not know what to do because I was going to a Bible discipleship program where I wasn’t allowed to date. At the end of that summer Greg and I talked and decided that we would continue to talk and see where our relationship went from there. When I got to my program I found out that I was not supposed to talk to guys that I had feelings for so I had to make the difficult decision to cut off communication with Greg until the end of the program. I tried to explain myself to him but I know I did a horrible job. It was one of those conversations were things are clearer in your head but it comes out mixed up. One thing I will always remember is looking into his eyes and telling him he didn’t have to wait for me, that if he found another girl I would understand. It would be four and a half months before we could have any communication again. When I got done saying this he looked me straight in my eyes and said “there is no one else, I will wait for you”. And the rest is history, he stayed true to his word and waited for me and we started dating that summer after my program.

Myranda and Greg's Engagement in Clifton E. French Regional Park in Minneapolis MN

how they asked

We knew we were going to get married early on in our relationship, sometimes you just know. We both wanted to get married at the camp where we met and fell in love at (which happens to be my home). With my dad being the director of the camp I knew he had talked to my dad about a date for the wedding. I tried to ask as little questions as possible because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for either of us. Greg and I live in separate states, so holidays are the main time we get to see each other in person. Thanksgiving we decided to spend with his family in the Twin Cities. We were just hanging out on Thanksgiving so that afternoon I suggested we play a game but Greg turned it down and offered to go for a walk just the two of us instead. I found this odd because we were supposed to be hanging out with family but they all seemed busy at the time and I love walks so I agreed. He took me to this park his aunt suggested because of the nice trails.

When we got there Greg suggested we go down this side trail but I objected because I did not want to get my shoes muddy, after some convincing I finally agreed. As we walked down this trail I was looking at the light layer of fresh snow on the ground, and because I am oblivious I didn’t notice Greg acting nervous or anything. Little did I know that he had missed the spot where he was supposed to propose so he gave me a hug to find his sister hiding in the woods ready to take our pictures. Once he found her he had to come up with a reason to circle back, and you would think I would be getting suspicious at this point but I just thought he was trying to make an adventure. When we got back to the spot where he was supposed to propose he asked if I wanted to know a fun fact. He then told me it had been 843 days since we told each other that we liked each other for the first time and 465 days since we started dating. That’s when I knew, as he started to get down on one knee the floodgates opened.

Through the tears and my screaming I barely got out a yes. All I knew was the love of my life just made me the happiest girl in the world, and I was lucky enough to get to love him.

He slipped on the most gorgeous ring onto my finger and then told me that his sister was recording and taking pictures of the whole thing. When I thought it could not get any better when we got back to his aunts house not only was his whole family there but my family had driven down to surprise me! It meant so much for them to experience this wonderful event. I had even called them in the car and they totally fooled me. We spent the rest of the evening eating and celebrating. It was sweeter than I ever could have imagined.