Myra and Tanner


How We Met

Tanner and I met about 5 years ago. I was talking with one of his good friends at the time (as friends) and he invited me out with his friends! I had no intentions of going out alone so I brought along two of my girlfriends to join us. My friend offered to pick us up and I remember crawling into the back seat of his friend Tanner’s car and catching a glimpse of him. I had never heard of or seen Tanner, but my first thought was… well damn.

So we all got seated and everyone introduced themselves and we start driving. It was a late winter night so there wasn’t much to do, we all decided to go to my friends house for some food. I remember trying to get a good look at Tanner without getting caught but each time I would look up, our eyes would meet in the rear view mirror (he was the driver). As our eyes met, I would instantly get a stomach full of butterflies. Gosh, he is so cute, I would think to myself. I knew we both had found each other very attractive. I was mad that my friend was sitting up in front with him and I was stuck in the back seat.

We get to my friends, I remember coming inside all giggling with the girls, running straight to the bathroom to fix ourselves. We decided to make some tea, Tanner and the guys all sat down on the couches across the kitchen. I remember meeting his eyes as he watched me make some tea. Every movement I made, I could feel his eyes on me. I remember asking him if he wanted any tea… he smiled and said no, so I proceeded to sit down at the table with mine. He and his friends came over and joined us and Tanner sat in the chairs across from me. I remember him being so quiet and shy (even though he is the EXACT opposite).

As the night was coming to an end, I was pretty upset that he didn’t get my # and that I was probably never going to hang out with him again. Coming home, he wouldn’t leave my mind. So many questions ran thru my mind, did he think I was cute? am I going to see him again? Wanting to know more about him, I snooped around and found him on Facebook, I didn’t have the guts to add him first. Finally after what seemed like endless days, he added me! Few days later, he messaged me. We started talking and instantly clicked.

We talked on and off for about 3 years before we started dating. Even though we had separate lives and different friends, we somehow ALWAYS ended up in each other lives. It was like we were meant to be, without knowing it.

how they asked

About two years into our relationship, Tanner got into a near fatal motorcycle accident. He suffered a spinal cord injury, left (mid-knee) amputation & many other serious life threatening injuries. The first few weeks were intense and we weren’t sure he was going to make it. It was hard, the unknown was so scary. From not knowing if he was gonna live to is he ever going to walk again… After spending a week in medically induced coma, 2 months in the hospital, a month in a nursing center, he was finally strong enough to go home.

Life suddenly became so different, both our worlds just came crashing down. Our future that once seemed so close, was far, far away. As the weeks have gone by, Tanner has gotten stronger and stronger and things were finally starting to look up!

My birthday was here, we had made plans to take our first walk together after the accident. I got ready and headed to his house to pick him up (he looked so handsome). Then, we got to the park, I helped him get into his wheelchair and we started on our way. We talked about good memories and how we came to this park last year for my birthday too. I’d really wanted to carve our names into a special couple tree, but we didn’t have anything to carve with.

This time, as we came upon that trip, I had a moment of sadness remembering what life was like last year, the last time we were here. Then, he starts heading towards the tree telling me to come to the little path beside it. I start freaking out! “No babe! Its all muddy and dirty! Your wheel chair wont make it!”

I tried to pull him back as he persistently told me to look… I finally did. I looked up and saw our initials carved into the tree with a big red and white heart around it. My eyes filled with tears and my heart skipped a beat. They were so big that anyone from space could see them! I immediately hugged him and I started crying. It meant so much to me.

As I got up for air, I felt him fumbling in his pockets, and then I looked up to see what he was doing. Next thing I know, he was looking into my eyes and saying “I know I promised you I’d do this when I could get down on one knee…” and before he could finish, I instantly broke down. I hugged him so tightly, I never wanted to let him go. Tears wouldn’t stop coming from my eyes as my heart was overjoyed. I instantly said YES! Without any hesitation. Looking into his eyes, I knew he was always the one. I have never been more sure about my decision. I know God put us together, I know we are just meant to be. He is my knight in shining armor. My miracle. My blessing.

I thank God each and every single day for him, for giving us a second chance at a future. I cannot thank him enough. This accident has been physically and emotionally draining but in Tanners arms, I feel nothing but peace. I look into those beautiful hazel eyes and I know everything is going to be okay. I have never loved someone so hard and deep as I love this man. He is a true blessing in my life. My one and only. My everything.