Myleen and Ryan

We decided to do our first really big trip together. I had a small feeling that something might happen in this trip but after Scotland, Amsterdam, and Barcelona… I was thinking maybe he had different plans. We have been together for awhile and we both already knew that it was meant to be that we would spend the rest of our lives together. The question is when? I remembered the night, he took my hand as we overlooked Alhambra from our rented balcony… he told me everything I already knew, it did bring back all the feels…of how much he loved me and the plans we have and wanting to make it all come true … As he went down in one knee I was just overwhelmed with joy because officially this man will be my loving husband. I cried ( I cry a lot..shows ect… But this time it meant something …tears of joy) That memory will stick with me forever.

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