Myleah and Cody

How We Met

We met at Target which was our high school job. He was a barista at Starbucks and I worked the cash register. He used to look at me over the check out lanes and he finally asked me out later. We officially started dating when we were 19 when I finished my first year of college. We have been dating for 5 years. We worked together for 3 years until I left target to continue my career in the field of psychology.

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How They Asked

At the Metropolitan Museum on the steps, he had balloons and roses set up. He involved the whole crowd and both his grandmother and my mom. He surprised me by showing up in New York City when he was supposed to be working. My mom told me that we were there on business and meeting up with her work friends.

I love New York City because of Gossip Girl. I have watched the show so many times through. Blair used to always eat her lunch on the steps of the Met and I always thought she was so classy and elegant. He designed the ring himself. We matched by accident. My mom carried my heels in her laptop bag.

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Myleah and Cody's Engagement in New York

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