Mychelayne and Patrick

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How We Met

I am Brazilian and during my junior year of high school I came to Seattle as a foreign exchange student. That year the American high school prom was held at the top of the Space Needle. However on the night of my prom was the first time I tried crab. I quickly learned I was allergic. I had a reaction and spent about five minutes on top of the Space Needle before being rushed to the hospital. When I got there the doctors gave my morphine, which I also learned I was allergic to! It was one of the scariest incidents of my life. Fast forward a few years later and I was back in the United States and living in Atlanta. I taught Portuguese classes while in college and Patrick was one of my students. One day I told him all about my prom disaster. The class ended but we remained friends.Fast forward another few years and the friendship was rekindled and eventually blossomed into something much more. We decided to take a trip together.

how they asked

For the first time in over 10 years I went back to Seattle. Our first stop was the Space Needle. It was weird being back as I remembered what a catastrophe it was when I was there for my prom. As I stared out at the skyline and reminisced, Patrick got down on one knee and proposed.

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I was completely surprised! Now my memories of the Space Needle are happy ones.

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Special Thanks

Laurel McConnell
 | Photographed the proposal.