Mychael and Dylan

Mychael's Proposal in Yellow Springs, OH

How We Met

Dylan and I met at the end of my senior year of high school through one of my best friends. They knew each other because they went to the same school. From what I’ve gathered over the past 5 years, Dylan thought I was cute and wanted to know what my friend and I were up to that night. We were going to a party so he decided to tag along. We picked him up from his friend’s house and were on our way! On the car ride there we discovered we have the same birthday and thought it was so cool and of course, exchanged our Snapchats. After that party we would Snapchat every day, I would play hooky and drive to his house, and had a summer fling that lived on!

How They Asked

I’m from a small town and one of my favorite parts of it is all of the traditions, one of them being the NYE ball drop. Ever since I can remember, my friends and I would get together to celebrate the end of the year, bundle up and go downtown watch the Christmas light lit disco ball drop in the town center. Dylan is the ultimate procrastinator and said at the beginning of 2019 “by the end of the year we’ll be engaged” but I just brushed it off because I knew it wasn’t going to happen. So this year before the ball drop we had a little get together with all of our friends. Some of Dylan’s family members came but we’re close so I didn’t think much of it.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Yellow Springs, OH

We drank champagne and got all dressed up to start the new year. We all gathered up and headed downtown. I’m just as happy as can be to be with everyone and to start the new year. Everyone starts counting down and I’m ready to get this video on my Snapchat story, and the next thing I know someone turns me around and Dylans on one knee. Ten seconds left in 2019 and he asked me to marry him, in my town with all my friends and family. My perfect proposal.

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