Mycah and Kory


How We Met

Background: Kory and I both knew a long time ago that forever was in our future. This lead to many talks about marriage, kiddos, growing old together, and even specific wedding dates. About a month ago, I started reminding him that we need to do things in order. He’d send me a house, I’d send ring emojis. He’d say we’re going to get married here, I’d ask if he misplaced the ring.   He finally calmed my impatience (or added to it?) by telling me it’d happen this fall.

Kory mentioned a few weeks ago that he wanted to go night golfing. We’re always super competitive, so golf makes for interesting dates. We set a date to play pheasant run on July 16th. As the days grew closer, he placed his bet on the game. I win and we go ring shopping, he wins and he gets a red neck blind.

This Tuesday I received the most gorgeous 2 dozen roses at work… Just because.


That night, we go to dinner and he shows me a note he made in his phone last September saying She’s the One (STO).


Wednesday night, I get the sweetest text telling me he will always treat me like priceless China.

how they asked

July 16th: Just a normal day. We grab breakfast, we go shopping, we relax. Kory’s best friend John joined us in our laziness. Only odd part the entire afternoon was when John took like 15 candid pics of us at the pool. Weird?!

Ok so we head to the course to meet one of my best friends and her new husband, Kristen and Dan. Only weird thing, Kory kept rubbing my left ring finger. He plays pretty well on the front nine, while I choke. Weird thing, the guy is dripping sweat and it’s literally gorgeous outside!

I start throwing darts on the back 9, and he’s completely falling apart. On hole 16, he says let’s all play closest to the pin on 18. Each person has to at least get one on the green. Ok Kor whatever…

Hole 18: I’m last to hit, and I yank 2 shots way off the green. Oops. He says to hit again, so I stick one on the green. As SOON as we get in the cart he says he forgot a club on the last hole. We turn around and head back to get it. While we’re grabbing that. Our friends were swapping my golf ball…

We go back to the green, and I head to putt my ball. I look at it and see writing and BLING sitting on top of it! I focus in on the golf ball, and it says “marry me?”.


Kory walks up and grabs the ring and my hand. Down on one knee, he says some words…


I’m honestly shaking so much that I hear “you’re my best friend” and ” will you marry me?”. Supposedly he said much more about how I make him a better man and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me .  After a handful of “oh my God”s (oops), I say yes!


Afterthoughts: I’m typing this at 4am. I still can’t sleep. I’m going to be Mrs. Faulkner. I found the man God created for me.


God answered my prayers that I’ve had for about 22 years. The absolute best day of my life just happened. I get to spend the rest of my life with Kory Faulkner.


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Kristen and Dan Rettenmaier