Mwangala and Sheyam

Image 1 of Mwangala and Sheyam

How We Met

Sheyam and I met at my aunt’s bridal party reunion at a bar in Melbourne, Australia back in 2010. One of the groomsmen invited Sheyam whilst they visited Melbourne. Sheyam and I hit it off immediately and he was so humorous and kind. We exchanged numbers that day and have been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

Sheyam asked me to marry him on the 13/12/2018. Sheyam had said he booked a weekend getaway to a beachside location (little did I know that this was a cover up for a perfect proposal). On the day of the getaway, it rained heavily and Sheyam told me that our place of accommodation had informed him that it had been flooded and there was a possibility that we were unable to stay there. To cheer me up, Sheyam suggested that we go to the nearby cinema while we await news about our accommodation and planned getaway. Sheyam ‘pretended’ to pick a movie and the usher escorted us to gold class. In the cinema we were the only ones there and I was happy about that! Before the movie commenced, a trailer came on and guess who the leading man was… Sheyam…. Sheyam got on one knee and prosposed. It was so magical :).

Image 2 of Mwangala and Sheyam