Muskaan and Aaditya

Proposal Ideas Theatre

How We Met

She was 6 and my sister was 16 and my Sister would hold her hand and take her to school – we didn’t meet then.

She was 17 and she was leaving to the UK ( when I was 23 staying in Singapore ). I met her Mother and her for the first time with my Sister for 10 mins and convinced her mother to send her to Singapore on grounds of safety. She hated me for that and had to come to Singapore for her college.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Theatre

She was 18 and I was 24, working in Singapore. We met and started dating. Today she’s 23 and I’m 29 and we are getting married. Had to do some Bollywood proposal for my girlfriend. Pls, check the video out.

How They Asked

Surprise proposal for my fiancé ( now ) In a theatre one day before her birthday when she was expecting the least. This video took 2 months of idealization and 1 month of execution in pure secrecy with everyone from my and her family involved including her dog.

Our Video