Musical Proposal Video at Chicago's Millennium Park

Jodi and I both graduated from Indiana University. We met in 2006 and began dating in 2007 while working as students at the IU Auditorium; a venue that brings in musicals, speakers, comedians, and concerts to campus. Although we both loved theater coming out of high school, working at the IU Auditorium solidified our passion for musicals and helped to make shows a constant in our relationship. I graduated in 2008, Jodi in 2009, and we spent 3 long years dating at a distance while I lived in Chicago and she in Indianapolis after graduation. Jodi moved to Chicago in 2012 and soon after I knew it was time to propose.

Dan and Jodi Proposal Chicago 9

As the video describes, Jodi always leaves musicals saying: “I wish life were more like a musical.” Meaning, she wished people sang and danced more in everyday situations. Since we have dated for 6 years, I knew I wanted to do something special for her as a proposal. Her wish to see music brought to a real life situation was my goal, and I started contacting my talented friends to convey my vision and song selections. I have spent the last 6 months preparing Jodi’s musical and it has been an amazing experience working with my talented friends to put something together for the woman I love.

As you watch the video, realize that we only had one rehearsal that afternoon to pull all these talents together and execute this once-in-a-lifetime memory. (Many emails and a tutorial video were sent prior to the proposal, but only one true rehearsal with everyone together was held that day.) Keeping that in mind, I think, really helps put in perspective how truly dedicated and amazing everyone involved had to be.

Dan and Jodi Proposal Chicago 6

Dan and Jodi Proposal 3

Dan and Jodi Proposal Chicago 10

Dan and Jodi Proposal Chicago 13

Dan and Jodi Proposal 4

Jodi and Dan Proposal Chicago 1

Dan and Jodi Proposal Chicago 12

Dan and Jodi Proposal Chicago 2

Credits: Eric Seals: Professional Videographer and Editor // Katherine Hill: Professional Ice Skating and Dance Choreographer in Chicago who choreographed the whole piece // Michael Cummings: Vocal Director for the production and Professional Singer/Performer in Chicago // Owen Stevenson: Musician in the park // Mer Abante: Musician in the restaurant // Kristin Campbell: Photographer // Melissa Schultz: Photographer // James and Williams Jewelers.