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How We Met

We met each other online 8 years ago when we were 18 and 19 years old. After couple of months of chatting, texting and calling, we decided it was time to meet each other in real. 6 July 2007 would be the day we’d meet each other for the first time. He would always ask me why I couldn’t wait a day longer to meet so that 07-07-’07 would be our special day (lucky day and it would be easier to remember the date). The reason is quite simple actually; One day before 6th of July, I finally got rid of my braces and couldn’t wait a day longer to meet him in real. Oh the insecurities! It’s pretty stupid when I think back, but it felt important at that age. Anyway, it was love at first sight when we met! Our personalities, habits and interests, goals in life and so many other similarities made us realize we were made for each other! I remember us being totally into each other, having long conversations, laughing at each others jokes, the long and deep stares & we both felt so much passion and desire which quickly lead to the first kiss (continuing the rest of the day by the way). We’d bought tickets to watch the movie Shrek The Third, but we both can’t remember anything of the movie . The funny thing is that we don’t even have a picture of the day we first met. And I’m glad we don’t, because that makes it extra special. Those very first moments together are engraved in our memories for the rest of our lives.
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how they asked

So I knew pretty quickly he was the guy I wanted to marry from the day I got to know him. As impatient that I am, I would always ask about when we would settle down and bugged him if he even thought of proposing to me instead of doing it the traditional way and ask for my hand from my family (we are from Afghanistan and it’s a tradition that the guy asks for permission and blessings from the girls’ family). Little did I know that he had big plans on his mind for 06-07-2011 when we’d celebrate our 4 years anniversary. The first surprise was that we would go skydiving (which was on my bucket list for a long time) so I was thrilled when I heard we were going to do that! Once I jumped after him, the tandem instructor pushed a little ring box in my hand telling me that my boyfriend wanted to ask me something. I was in total shock (and not only because of the adrenaline still flowing through my body from the free fall I just had). Love was literally in the air! I was afraid I was gonna drop the ring, so I didn’t open it and just held it tight in my fist. Once we got closer to the ground, I saw a big white flag with ‘ MARRY ME’ written on it! My sister and best friends suddenly appeared as well and once we hit the ground, my boyfriend went on one knee, took the actual ring (there was a fake one in the little box I had in my hand in case I would drop it which he hoped for by the way just to tease me one more time) from his pocket and asked me to marry him <3 We stayed engaged for three years while finishing our studies and saving money for our honeymoon which would be a long trip around the world! We married in 2014 and it’s been a big adventure since! We traveled for 10 months in Asia and have been busy settling down in Australia. We are planning to stay in Melbourne and enjoy Ozzy lifestyle before we continue our travels around the world (awesome_worldtrip).

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