Murray and Andrew

how we met

Andrew and I met at Oceanside Collegiate Academy! I coach girls soccer and he coaches baseball.

how they asked

Andrew proposed 2.1.2020 on The Isle of Palms. A complete surprise! We decided to take a walk on the beach while waiting on our ‘reservation’. We walked hand in hand towards the pier and as we were getting closer he began to slow down and said “Hey! Whats that??” I looked up and saw the most dreamy set-up. The tears began welling as I repeated over and over “what is that” “what is that”, knowing that the day had come! Andrew dropped down on one knee and professed his love and asked for my hand in marriage . I said YES! To my complete surprise, our families and friends were there to witness and it made it even more special.

Special Thanks

Isle of Palms Beach
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