Muriel and Korey

How We Met

Korey and I met the way many people do nowadays… online! We met on We talked for a few weeks and eventually went out to dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse. We spent the evening sharing great conversation and learning a bit about each other. One thing we learned was that we both hated going to the mall. After dinner, Korey asked if I wanted to go do something else to continue the evening. Since it was getting late on a weeknight, there wasn’t much to do. Ironically we decided to go across the street to, you guessed it, the mall! At the mall we walked around and talked some more and ended up at a bar for drinks. The night came to an end and we shared a goodnight kiss and it was perfect!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Auburn, Ca

how they asked

A year and a half later, a week before Valentine’s Day 2017, Korey and I were discussing what we should do. Neither of us wanted to do too much since it fell on a Tuesday (maybe more me than him!) We ended up deciding to just go to dinner; nothing elaborate. Korey was adamant on going to BJ’s, where we had our first date. I told him we should just eat dinner in town, BJ’s would be packed. We settled on Happy Wok in Auburn since we both love Chinese food! Fast forward a week, we had such a lovely time at dinner! When we got home I stepped out of the truck and started to admire the stars above. We then go to the front door, Korey unlocks and opens it, motioning for me to go in first.

I thought it was strange that he wanted me to go in first. I walked into lit candles everywhere! It was such a magical scene! I walked in slowly taking it all in asking “Who did this?? There’s no way you did this. What is this??” There was champagne and strawberries and my favorite roses on the dining room table. It was like the scene in Friends (our favorite tv show) when Monica and Chandler get engaged:) He then took my hand and said some lovely words, got down on one knee and asked, “Muriel Montcerrat Sainz, will you marry me?” And here we are!:)