Muriel and Daniel

How We Met

I met Danny on the first day of high school when I was in grade 9. I was so nervous sitting on the school bus but luckily, he asked me to sit next to him and I was completely at ease. We flirted for a whole year and when things were starting to flourish, he was changing schools. I decided to be courageous and seal our huge crush with a kiss. Of course, I missed and kisses his chin! It was just horrific! 7 years later, we reconnected on Facebook and he asked me on a date. Our first date was the most amazing encounter I ever had with another person. We laughed so much that I couldn’t even eat my food and tho se who know me know I would never turn down a meal! On our second date, we decided to become official because we knew we were just a few days away from being in love. Skip forward 5 years later, I am engaged with the man I met in a school bus.

Image 1 of Muriel and Daniel

how they asked

My best friend, Karen, wanted me to meet her boyfriend for the first time at the Eaton Center but before that, we went to get our nails done for our New Years Eve party the following night. We finally get to the mall to meet her beau. We are both nervous but she keeps telling me that I need to go buy new stockings because mine ripped so I did. We start to walk outside the mall because apparently, this dude doesn’t know how to find a huge mall in the heart of Toronto. We arrive at Nathan Phillips Square and all of a sudden, I see Danny walking towards us. I kid you not, I thought he was just on his way from work trying to catch a subway. In my mind, it was a great coincidence. He stops, grabs my hands and I notice his lips are moving but no noise because I blanked out. He gets on one knee and asks me to marry him. Thankfully, my best friend was there video tapping and taking a hundred pictures so I can reminiscence on the day my soulmate asked me to become his wife. My best friend and the best man in the world were in on this elaborate plan to surprise me. I’m so lucky!

Image 2 of Muriel and Daniel