The Ultimate Moving Truck Proposal | Gabby and Eric

how we met

Eric and I met through a mutual family friend. After many failed attempts at finding our perfect person – two minutes into our first date, we knew this time was different. We instantly hit it off and quickly became inseparable. From dinner dates to bowling and concerts to family gatherings, we clicked in every setting. Almost two years later and we haven’t looked back!

how they asked

Oh my, what a story.. I’ll start with this – Eric and I had talked about getting engaged for a few months. We both felt ready and as these feelings became more real, I began to bring Eric to jewelry stores, so that when the time was right, he would know exactly what I had always dreamed of. Fast forward to April/May, I just knew it was coming. I felt it. Every day I would bug Eric – “is it today? Should I wear a pretty dress?”

At the time we were living in Downtown Phoenix and were scheduled to move to Scottsdale on May 4th, a Saturday. A week ahead of this he had told me “Gab, on Sunday night, the day after we move, put on your good dress because we are going to celebrate moving in together.” THIS WAS IT, he was going to do it that Sunday, May 5th… So I thought…

Come moving day, Eric got up early and went to “get the U-Haul” with his Dad. While I was putting on my leggings and sneakers to move, Eric’s heart was racing as he was decorating the inside of the truck from top to bottom. He laid out candles and rose peddles and my favorite flowers beneath balloons strung across the inside of the U-Haul reading “Marry Me.” When it was all ready, he parked it on the street outside of our residence and came to get me. He said, “babe I don’t think our furniture is going to fit, I need you to come look at the size of the truck.” I was pissed. How could he mess this up!? When we got to the U-Haul, he said “just wait, look inside” and popped open the back of the truck. The next thing I know he was down on one knee and I was jumping into his arms crying and screaming, “YES!”

All along, Eric wanted to surprise me and do something creative that we would remember forever. He truly had me believing it was going to be the following night and in all my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have imagined that it would be in the back of a moving truck. That night, we did end up going to a nice dinner to celebrate with our families and I finally got to wear the pretty dress! I will tell you.. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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