Alyssa and Corey's Movie Theater Commercial Proposal

How We Met: Corey and I met about five years ago at our church, The Life Center, in Orangevale, CA. At the time, he and I were both with other people. Eventually our relationships ended and we were just friends for a few years. I interned for two years and became a worship leader at the church, and he is the Media Director and Young Adults pastor.

I am also on his leadership team. So we spent a lot of time together and we started to slowly realize that we were exactly what the other person was looking for in a relationship. Same morals, values, and commitments, and personality traits that balanced each other out!

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how they asked: I have to say, his proposal was 100% surprising and creative. He proposed on July 20th, 2015. One of the things that we love to do together is watch movies. He is a graphic/media/video buff, and I am a romantic, and we enjoy watching all sorts of different movies together. Knowing this, Corey created an epic movie trailer spoof that he got a local theater (Studio Movie Grill in Rocklin) to actually play before a movie, and he secretly invited about 75 of our friends and family to the theater.

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He told me we were going for his mom’s birthday, which was just a few days later, so I didn’t think anything of it. I expected there to be about 8 people there. He told me he was running late, so I showed up at the theater and went into the screen room, and realized a ton of people I know were there. At first I was so confused as to why so many people would be there for his mom’s birthday, but then slowly it dawned on me what was happening (especially when everybody had their phones and cameras pointed at me.)

The trailer included a deep voice-over that began with “in a world”, and he secretly got some footage of me doing makeup on a girl (part of the script was “one woman dares to bring beauty to a dark world”,) and outlined Corey going on a journey that included fighting a ninja, a pirate, and a robot (he had some friends dress up in costumes and he “fought” and defeated each one in a different way); braving firey death traps (which was him jumping slow motion over some candles), and searching to the ends of the earth (overlooking a plateau that had a great view of the city below).

The title of the “movie” was “Soncrant No More” (Soncrant is my maiden name). THEN it cut to what looked like a live shot of the outside of the theater, and then all of a sudden he appeared and was running into the building, and the camera followed him all the way to the door of the screen room. Soon after he opened the door to the screen room on the video, he physically came out of the tunnel to where I was sitting (he arranged the seat I was in and everything!), had me stand, and said a few words, got down on one knee and proposed.

The best part was that he had so many of our friends and family there to be a part, and it was kind of an engagement party at the same time because people stayed and ate lunch (they serve food at the SMG) and then everybody watched the movie Minions. It was so creative, romantic, and epic! You can actually watch it here:

Venue: Studio Movie Grill Rocklin