Mountaintop Proposal in New Hampshire

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How We Met: My new roommate was moving in and I’d only met her once before. She was a friend of my old roommate, and when that roommate introduced us, she’d seemed nice enough.

When she arrived, she had a couple of friends in tow – a girl and a guy, both of which played on her adult kickball league with her and lived in the other building in our complex. Alex was tall with beautiful, curly locks, wearing a Boston Red Sox hat (backward)- my favorite team. Katie (my new roommate) made sure to show him my framed picture of Fenway already hanging in the dining room, and the rest is history. He’ll tell you, however, that the ‘clincher’ was that I kept making jokes at his expense. What can I say? I reverted to my old Kindergarten ways, and they really hooked this elementary school P.E. teacher!

Alex and I were dating other people at the time, but those relationships weren’t serious, and, as a result, very short-lived. Our roommates brought us together just after New Years in January 2012, citing our perfect compatibility as a reason to not let us go any longer without going out. On our first date, we went ice skating. I rapped “Bon Qui Qui” with some local teens and he worked hard not to fall. Toward the end, we saw a man propose to his girlfriend on the ice. He bent down as if to re-tie his skate, and Alex pointed it out to me just before we saw him pull out the ring.

I remember we talked about how silly it is that we all go through this month-long period playing a game of don’t-bring-up-this and how-not-to-scare-them-away that until we agreed that it’s perfectly natural to talk seriously about what we want and how we feel about each other, even if it WAS the first date. I doubt neither Alex nor I had ever felt that free to be candid with another significant other before. I think we may just have ‘known’ right then and there, watching that other couple.

how they asked: The cycle continued with our proposal – just under a week ago. We’ve been dating for a year and 8 months, and have lived together for a year, and we’re absolutely inseparable. On our trip up to New Hampshire for his half Ironman triathlon, he’d been acting strange.

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I just attributed it to his professed nerves about the following day’s events, but he swears it was because of his secret plan. He had called the resort where the race registration is held to make sure the chair lift to the top of the mountain would be open.

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He had flowers – a dozen red roses and sunflowers (my favorite) – sent to the resort. He’d cleaned out his tri backpack in order to pack a small bottle of champagne…and the ring. Following a brief second thought to abort the plan and take me on a trail so we could be alone, he took advantage of my being asked to take a family’s picture as a chance to pull out – and pocket – the ring. As soon as I asked if they’d take our picture, he jumped to give them his camera, before I could grab mine. He instructed the man to “just keep taking pictures; I’m going to doing something”.

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I never would have expected to be proposed to in front of an audience of fellow mountaintop and lake onlookers, but it ended up to be beyond any “perfection” I could have pictured. Having pictures of this moment will make me happy for the rest of my life, and I’m so glad he decided to go with the plan!