Mountain Top Marriage Proposal

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How They Met: One day in January, Alana was hired at El Capitan in Flagstaff. She happened to see Jon’s photo on the employee board and immediately exclaimed, “Who is that!”. After hanging out with Jon and friends, Jon asked Alana out on a date. Unfortunately…he showed up 3 hours late. It so happened that the Cardinals were playing in the division championship game, and it went into overtime… or something (She is still skeptical about the reasoning).

Anyway, Alana had proceeded to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, put on sweats, and call it a night. All of the sudden, Jon showed up still wearing a Cardinals santa hat, ready to roll. Despite Alana’s initial impression, the date went awesome. They sat at the downtown coffee shop “Rendezvous” and talked for hours.

When he dropped her off that night, his car got stuck on an ice patch in the parking lot. While she was in the car revving the engine, and he was outside pushing, she watched as Jon, engrossed in thought, full on picked a wedgie. She thought to herself, “Yup, this might be real.”

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how they asked: About 5 years later, Jon proposed to Alana at the summit of Mt. Humphreys. Alana was oblivious to what was going on. Once at the top, Jon proceeded to give a lovely speech about how much he loved their life together and could not imagine life without her. Up until this point, she had been too distracted by the bugs that were buzzing all over the summit to realize what was going on.

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Finally Jon got flustered, took Alana by the shoulders and said, “Well, I just really love you,” and got down on one knee. FINALLY Alana clued in and responded with a resounding, “Are you serious?!” when he asked her if she would marry him. She eventually was able to blubber out a yes and promptly jumped onto his single knee. She stayed there till he finally muttered a, “sorry but this is really hurting my knee.” All in all the proposal was perfect reflection of the two of them, goofy, awkward, and in the end, picture perfectly romantic.

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Photos by Michelle Koechle Photography