Most Liked Proposals on Instagram of 2015

With so much love in the air, we can’t help but spread the happiness from HowTheyAsked on our Instagram. Whether you’ve been a follower since day one or are a new found fan of ours, we’re glad you’re here and we’ve rounded up our most liked Instagram proposals of 2015 for your viewing pleasure. Thank you for sharing the love with us.

Jenae and Clint

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“For our three-year anniversary, Clint got me a couples photoshoot with a local photographer since he knows how much I love getting pictures taken (let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t?). So when the day came, we went about our shoot normally with some cute poses and a couple of outfit changes when Sarah, our photographer, asked if I had any other pose ideas I wanted to do. I told her I couldn’t think of anything since we had already done so many! Then Clint turned to me and said, “I have one more actually”… Then he got down on one knee, pulled a ring out of his pocket, and asked me to marry him… ? by @smmgphotography

Full story: Jenae and Clint

Alyse and Lucas

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“Lucas and I were in a long distance relationship (I lived in Texas and he lived in Florida). He came to Texas in July, but after that trip, we didn’t have plans to see each other until early December, so I decided to surprise him for our 3-year anniversary in October. I talked to his mom about it and she thought it was a great idea, so I booked my ticket and she helped me plan it all. When the day came, I couldn’t wait to be there and was so excited to see the look on his face when he saw me. When I landed, I texted his mom and she told me she was on her way, so I got off the plane and headed her way. As I was walking, I saw a nicely dressed man walking my way and as we got closer to each other, I realized it was Lucas with a huge smile on his face and my favorite flowers in his hands. I couldn’t process a thing because I thought I was the one doing the surprising, but all of a sudden, he was grabbing my left hand and getting down on one knee…”

Full story: Alyse and Lucas

Disneyland Proposal with Real Glass Slipper

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“On October 29th, the 4 year anniversary of when we met, Chris suggested we go to Disneyland dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming for Halloween. Cinderella has always been my favorite princess so I was beyond excited. That day, we were walking towards the castle when Chris says that it’s 11:11 and that we both needed to make a wish (a ritual we usually always partake in). I closed my eyes tightly, made my wish, and when I opened them, I saw Chris’ brother walking towards us with a real glass slipper on top of a purple pillow. Chris grabbed the pillow, looked at me, and said “I’m here to present Cinderella with her glass slipper…” Then he sat me down on the bench and put it on my foot – it fit me perfectly. I was over the moon thinking about having a glass slipper just like Cinderella and couldn’t believe how amazing the anniversary gift was. When I stood up smiling, Chris stayed down on one knee and I saw his brother flip over the pillow to reveal a ring box he’d been holding the whole time. I was in complete shock and speechless as he handed the box to Chris…” ✨

Full story: Disneyland Proposal

Janet and Patrick’s Disneyland Proposal

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“Patrick turned to me and said, “Let’s go take a picture in front of the castle before we get on the rides and your hair gets messy.” Hearing the most perfect words ever, I agreed and we headed towards the castle. When it was our turn, the photographer asked us to do a few different poses. We did some typical picture poses, and then Patrick turned to me and said “I have a pose I want to try!”. He then said, “I don’t know what the girl is supposed to do, but the guy does something like this….” At that moment, he got on one knee and I felt a rush of emotions fill up inside me. Patrick pulled out the most stunning ring I had ever seen and spoke the words ever girl wants to hear from their Prince Charming….”

Full story: Janet and Patrick

Adorable Flipbook Proposal

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I have to admit, I was having one of those “it’s only Wednesday!?!” mornings, but this flipbook proposal turned everything right around ? Lucky girl: @lexwenning // Flipbook by @theflippistflipbooks

Full story: Flipbook Proposal

He Proposed on the Last Day of Her Chemotherapy

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This sweet man proposed to his girlfriend on the last day of her chemotherapy treatments, and we’re officially sobbing ?

Full story: Proposal on her Last Day of Chemotherapy

Christmas Lights Proposal

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“My heart was pounding in my chest when we pulled up and parked in front of the neighborhood. We started our walk through the streets and I put my hand in my right pocket to feel the ring box one more time. About 25 minutes later we were finishing our walk in Starlight Circle and we approached the main cul-de-sac of the neighborhood (here it comes!). I pulled Jenny towards me into the empty driveway of one of the houses. Right as she asked me, “what are you doing” the garage door started to rise & light began to escape & illuminate in our direction. It quickly caught Jenny’s attention as she spelled out the words, “MARRY ME JENNY?” in white Christmas lights. Our parents & grandparents were standing behind the sign with smiles from ear to ear. Jenny immediately covered her mouth with her hands. I got down on one knee & all the lines I rehearsed completely flew out of my memory.” Photo by @jessfairchild

Full story: Christmas Lights Marriage Proposal

Jessica and Ryan’s Puppy Proposal

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“Knowing how much I wanted a dog, Ryan got us a puppy. The day after he brought her home, we took her to our favorite part of the woods and let her explore. In the middle of it, Ryan suggested we put her collar back on. I thought it was a bad idea because she was having so much fun off the leash, but he insisted we do so and that I look at her dog tag as we did. On the little red heart, there were five golden words that I’d been longing to hear (or see?)… “Jessica will you marry me?” I turned around and he was down on one knee with a gorgeous ring in his hand. Tears rolling down my face, I leaped into his arms and with my whole heart, cried out the words he’d been longing to hear too .. “Yes!”

Full story: Puppy Proposal

Gino and Maria’s Love Lock Marriage Proposal in Paris

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“I had two locks made – both engraved with “Maria Luisa, Will You Marry Me?”. I left one at home (so we’d have it forever) and took the other with us on our trip to Paris. Over our few days there, we wandered throughout the romantic streets and casually planned to see the love locks bridge. When we got there, I told Maria I planned ahead and brought a lock for us. As she was reading it, I got down on one knee…” Photo by @instajjp

Full story: Gino and Maria Luisa

Incredible Proposal in Santorini

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“For the next three months I told everyone including our friends and family that we were going to London. I even printed out fake airline tickets. But when we arrived at the Boston airport and approached the gate for London, I looked at Janelle and said, “Babe, we’re not going to London”. She turned around with complete confusion and said what are you talking about? I told her I had planned a surprise trip for us and that we were actually going to Santorini. She hugged me tightly, and started to cry. She couldn’t believe it. At that point, she had no idea what else I’d been planning for her too….”

Full story: Incredible Santorini Marriage Proposal

Joanne and Blake

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“Blake knew after our third date that he and I would get married, so after that date, he sat down and wrote me a letter explaining how quickly he knew it. Blake put the letter in an envelope and mailed it to himself, so he could have it postmarked and prove to me that he knew all along. Then he saved the sealed envelope, which had the postmark date of November 11, 2013, for about two years. Fast forward to August 2015. We were getting ready for dinner and Blake told me he was going to break out one of his old pairs of jeans to “give them some airtime”. I didn’t think anything of it. Once we got to the restaurant and had ordered a few cocktails, Blake began shimmying around in his seat and “found something in his pocket”. He pulled out the envelope, appeared to study it, and then said, “No way. This thing was postmarked in November 2013!! I must have been wearing these jeans when I got my mail, stuffed this envelope into my back pocket and forgot to open it…” I just laughed, having no idea what was about to happen. Then he opened the envelope and read the first line of the letter — “Dear Joanne,” he read. He looked up at me and then handed me the letter, saying apparently it was for me. I started to read it and began tearing up the second I realized what was happening. At the end of the letter Blake wrote, “If you are reading this right now, it means I was right, and that I bought a ring and am about to propose.”…”

Full story: Joanne and Blake

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