Mikaela and Nolan's Most Epic Christmas Proposal Ever


How We Met: Our first year that we attend Liberty University we had two classes together and didn’t even know until we met working as camp counselors at a summer youth camp in Houston, Texas. When we first met, we didn’t like each other at all. One day we were sending my campers off the zipline at camp. He insisted on helping me so I could give all my girls a turn before a big Texas storm blew in. I wasn’t very happy about his help especially as my high school girls began to bat their eyes & giggle as he buckled them in. One of my campers even came to me after we finished at the zip line & told me I should marry Nolan. I laughed in her face and told her that I would “never ever ever marry him.”

When the summer was over, I left to go back to school in Virginia and he decided to take a one year internship with the camp. He told that he was staying but I didn’t care one bit.

That all changed when we kept up and started Skyping every Saturday night. My girl friends would as me if I liked him and I always declined. I was in denial until he told me that he wanted to pursue me. He booked a flight up to school and took me out on a date and “the rest was history.”

For the next 8 months of our relationship we dated long distance. He returned back to Liberty in the fall and the next 3 months we dated like normal people. We had our late night milkshake runs and dinner dates during the week. We studied together and went out on double dates.

epic christmas proposal_121

how they asked: We were at my house watching Dancing With Stars when abruptly Nolan asked me to take a walk on the Christmas Tree Farm. This was pretty normal for us and we had done it before. We got outside and he said he had to show me something.

epic christmas proposal_110

At this point, I still had no idea. I thought maybe he wanted to give me a gift since we were about to celebrate our one year. He pointed a random Christmas tree and it lit up. That’s when I realized what was happening. He then began to read me a letter he wrote to me earlier.

epic christmas proposal_123

I was convinced the ring was on the tree so I started looking for it! But little did I know there was more in store!

He had me turn around and told me one tree doesn’t do it justice. Then a whole row of trees lit up in sequence with an arbor at the end of the isle way all beautifully lit in Christmas lights.


He walked me down to the arbor and told me he loved me for the first time. He got down on one knee and held out a beautiful ring he had designed himself.

epic christmas proposal_127

epic christmas proposal_125

epic christmas proposal_131

It was beyond gorgeous. I was in such shock. I said yes and he put the ring on my finger and kissed me! As soon as he kissed me, fireworks went off in the field and over the arbor. It scared me at first but it was oh so beautiful!

epic christmas proposal_139

epic christmas proposal_136

epic christmas proposal_137

After the fireworks, Nolan’s best friend and five camera guys came out of the trees. Then my family greeted me and so did my closest friends.

epic christmas proposal_148

epic christmas proposal_157

I then went back up to my house where 50 more of my friends and family awaited to celebrate.

epic christmas proposal_165

I was so excited and overwhelmed with love. It was more than I ever dreamt and more beautiful than I could ever imagine. We are so excited for this next season of wedding planning. Thankful for my brother and his skills as he made a wonderful video for us to have for the rest of our lives!

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Photos by Tyler Scott Photography


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