Moriah and Philip


How We Met

In Fall 2008, I attended college and was assigned to Howard University’s most notorious Sophomore dorm, Meridian Hill Hall. A few weeks into the school year, Phil, a popular and outgoing sophomore, who also lived in the dorm, stopped by my room to introduce himself. After I had observed him and his clan of rambunctious friends a few days prior, I was unsure of his intentions and politely dismissed him from my presence. Needless to say, it was not love at first sight–but I would soon find out Phil’s most admirable characteristic, persistence. This is a trait I love most about him still to this today. He would ensure we would speak again one day.

It wasn’t until Sophomore year that I found myself once again neighbors with Phil. After several run-ins and eventually getting snowed in with him and several of our other mutual friends during Snowmageddon 2010, I eventually gave him the time of day. Our first date was across the street at for dinner on Valentine’s Day. I initially thought we were just going out with a group of friends to eat at the only restaurant serving after the snow storm. I soon came to find out it was a double date. After was history. Phil and I truly grew up together. We tackled the remainder of college, graduation, securing first jobs and apartments, and most importantly the highs and lows of adulthood. His persistence, ambition, and unwavering determination are influences that assisted me tackling my greatest challenges over the last 6 years. I’m grateful for Phil coming into my life and helping me live it to the fullest. I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey with anyone but him.

how they asked

In truest form, Phil planned and executed an amazing engagement surprise (one I’m not sure can be perfectly duplicated by anyone but Phil). After surviving another “busy” season at work, Phil suggested we go on a vacation to the first place we traveled to as a couple, South Beach Miami. Excited but still reeling from the stress at work, I hesitantly agreed to go. We arrived on Saturday and checked-in to the Tides South Beach hotel. We spend the full day at the beach, had an amazing dinner at Prime Fish and soaked in the South Beach experience. We talked about our plans for the next day and Phil mentioned wanting to go to a cocktail hour at the Betsy Hotel on Sunday evening. I was concerned I didn’t bring an outfit fancy enough for the party but thought it would be a good idea to attend. After spending Sunday morning and early afternoon at the beach, Phil said we needed to go inside and start getting ready. It was two hours ahead of the scheduled party time but he insisted we were VIP and needed to arrive before the party started to be seated at our table. Unfortunately, I was plagued with a migraine and wasn’t feeling too well but I was determined to tough it out.

We walked to the Betsey and went to the rooftop. Event planners were still setting up the tables for the event but there was one table prepared with champagne glasses and a beautiful orange rose.


We talked for about thirty minutes and Phil seemed abnormally interested in my conversation. All of a sudden, Phil says “I’ve always wanted to do this…Look up” I looked up to the sky and there was a plane with a banner that said “Moriah will you marry me? Heart Philip”.

Look up

I immediately burst into tears, he was on one knee with a beautiful ring.

On One Knee

Unable to get words out in-between sobs, I shook my head yes and grabbed him for a hug. To my ultimate surprise, I “look up” again to see our parents and a photographer. Having my family there was the cherry on top. We all shared a toast and went to the beach for a photoshoot. The plane circled South beach for about 30 minutes and everyone on the beach continued to congratulate us on our engagement. We ending the eventful day by dinner at Juvia with our family–it truly was a memorable day–one I will never forget.



Special Thanks

Dana Lynn