Moriah and Luke

How They Asked

I knew I wanted to marry Moriah within 3 months of dating her. She’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of—she’s a force of nature and my best friend. She’s also incredibly observant and therefore IMPOSSIBLE to surprise. So I knew I needed to propose to her somewhere completely unexpected. We first met getting our open water diving certificates in 2018. So, I felt it was fitting to bring our relationship full circle on our dive trip to Hawaii. I printed and laminated some cards and put them on a keychain. On our last dive, we were in perfectly clear water surrounded by tropical fish AND…we saw a 10 ft shark. Our luck was a sign.

Moriah's Proposal in Hawaii

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hawaii

Before we surfaced, I silently tapped her on the shoulder. I showed her the cards—they read “So I have a question…, I just can’t wait any longer…will…you…marry me?” She was smiling so much that it made her mask flood with water. She still isn’t sure if she was crying because of the proposal or because of the burning saltwater. She nodded and tried to kiss me—forgetting that our mouths were full of our air-giving regulators we knocked heads instead. But don’t worry, I kissed her on the surface. Looking forward to life with my forever adventure partner.

Special Thanks

Katie Curley
 | Photographer