Moriah and Joey

How We Met: The way we met is actually kind of funny. He went to Bible school with my sister and I visited one week and met him. Over the years I would see him every once in a while but, I really started liking him a few months after he came and helped my church out one week. That was almost 4 years ago and I have been crushing on him ever since then.

Image 2 of Moriah and Joey

Image 1 of Moriah and Joeyhow they asked: The way he asked was absolutely perfect, it was everything I dreamed of. It all started a few weeks before when my sister called me and told me we were going to have a family photoshoot on Friday, January 30th. I didn’t think mu of it except for I was excited to take pictures with my family. Little did I know my fiancé was behind this whole plan. So along come the 30th and my thoughts that day are all about hair, makeup and clothes. After a long time my family finally gets ready and we all head over to the place where we planned to take photos. The photographer starts taking pictures of us all and then has us get into couples for pictures. She starts with my mom and dad and then my sister and brother in-law and then it’s Joey and I’s turn. We start taking photos and then the photographer says “Ok Joey get on one knee and pop the question” and my heart starts racing but then to my dismay she says “just kidding” I turned to look at her and say something and when i turned back Joey was in front of me on one knee. He then proceeded to romance me with a speech and then pulled out a little black box, he opened it and the ring went flying out onto the ground which to me was so perfectly Joey I couldn’t help but love it! When he recovered the ring I saw the most beautiful thing I could have ever imagined. I then said “yes! Of course! Absolutely yes!!” then got up and hugged him but, the surprises weren’t over!! Joey kind of points to my right and I see his mom who flew all the way from San Diego to be there for the proposal. We then all partied and ate pizza!

Photography by Amanda Watson