Moriah and Cody

Moriah and Cody's Engagement in Byron Glacier, Alaska

How We Met

Three years ago today, I met my fiance. I had been “down in love” and my sister had been begging me to let her set me up with “the most amazing guy I’d ever meet.” Boy was she right. Cody and I clicked immediately, the first night we met we stayed up until 6 am talking about everything under the sun. I was nervous to date being that we lived 5 hours away from each other, however, after a while, living so far away didn’t seem to matter anymore.

How They Asked

Fast-forward to this January, we had planned a trip to Alaska to visit Cody’s best friend who was temporarily living in Anchorage. I had never been before and though we knew the temps wouldn’t be higher than 5 degrees the whole time we were there, this Alabama girl couldn’t wait to see the snow! The weather was so spontaneous each day so our plans changed constantly.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Byron Glacier, Alaska

On January the 5th, we woke up and Cody’s best friend suggested we go to this massive glacier with an ice cave an hour away. 30 minutes later, we were packed up with hand-warmers, boots, and jackets and driving to the trailhead of Byron Glacier. This time of year, the sun is only out for around 6 hours, but on this day the sky was especially clear. The mountain ranges and frozen river on the long hike were so beautiful they didn’t look real.

Where to Propose in Byron Glacier, Alaska

During the trek, we saw huge groups of people passing us going in the opposite direction. When we finally arrived, the glacier was stunning…and we had the whole place to ourselves! Cody and I asked for a picture and just as his best friend began to take one, he dropped down to his knee and asked me if I’d be the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. I, of course, said yes, and for a while, we forgot it was 0 degrees. It was truly the most amazing moment of my life.

We laughed so hard later because he told me that while hiking on the way there, he started to lag behind us because he was so nervous he thought he was going to be sick! I had no clue! We have another year and a half of distance but he is so worth the wait.

Special Thanks

Alex Nelson & Liz Cross
 | Photographer