Morgane and Guillaume

Morgane and Guillaume's Engagement in Sedona, Arizona

How We Met

Guillaume and I officially met 3 years and a half ago at a friend’s birthday party close to Geneva ! The funmy thing was that we were living in the same city ( Dijon, France) something like 1km away and add many friends in common but never actually met before. It was kind of love at first sight for me and I was right because he is the love of my life and he has never stopped to make me happy since that day. I cannot wait to be the 27th of October and marry him!

how they asked

With Guillaume, we love to travel and since it’s hard to get nice pictures of the 2 of us, we have decided that when possible, we will try to do a photoshoot. As we were planning our auto tour in the USA, I contacted Monica( Monica Saaty, our photographer) to do a photoshoot in Sedona. Guillaume surprised me ( and surprised Monica at the same time) and proposed to me during the photo shoot, in this unreal place! I was a bit in shock and it took me a few days to realize but I won’t lie, I was hoping he would propose during this trip! I was over the moon because it was really the ideal proposal for me, and we will always have pictures to remember this amazing moment!

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Special Thanks

Monica Saaty