Morgan and Rich

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How We Met

Rich and I met when I tried to sell him a product! A mutual friend of ours thought that we may be a good match to do business together and introduced us for that reason. Rich unfortunately was not an easy sell and avoided me for two weeks! During those two weeks I persisted in calling him to set up a time to meet and every time I did, our ten minute phone calls would turn into 40 minute calls or longer! Finally he says to me “Ok…you want to meet to talk business, let’s meet. The only time I have today is the time I set aside for myself to work out, so at 4:00 I’m running the Blue Heron bridge. You’re welcome to go running with me and we can talk about it on the run.” I don’t think he expected me to join him. The Blue Heron bridge is one of the largest bridges in our general area and running it is a daunting feat for many, so of course I replied with “Meet you at 4!”. We went running and I huffed and puffed and talked his ear off about my company all the way up and down that bridge.

At several points I saw him staring at me like he didn’t believe I was actually there or still speaking, but at the end of the run I suppose I had proved how serious I was about doing business and gained a new level of respect from him because we became friends after that day. We found an instant connection in each other and clicked on so many levels, it felt as though we had known each other for much longer. Rich and I come from vastly different backgrounds and yet at the core of who we are, we found kindred spirits which was unexpected for both of us! It wasn’t long until this fast friendship developed into more. We both agree that there was one night, one moment in particular on the beach (he brought me back to the same place for his proposal!) amid conversation and laughter that we fell in love, even before our first kiss. In that moment, during side splitting laughter I knew my case was hopeless, it felt like so much more than a crush and I had the distinct feeling that this was going to be so much more.

how they asked

Rich always told me “I’ll never propose during a holiday. You’ll never expect it, if I propose to you I want you to never see it coming.” So, of course for this reason every time we did anything remotely special on a non-holiday I wondered if there was a ring tucked away somewhere. I was never disappointed to not find one, I just had this thought in my mind that there might be a proposal within every trip we took. I also knew that funds were so tight for us, making a proposal seem like an impossibility in the near future. Rich had been mentioning for weeks that he really wanted professional photos for our apartment; something to make our place feel more like our home. I kept saying that we would have some taken someday soon. So, on the night of December 23rd at around 10 pm he calls me and says “Hey um…. you know I’m terrible at surprises. So… you know how I said that tomorrow (Christmas Eve) I wanted us to get up early and go to the beach for some time alone before the craziness with our families and everything?

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Well…. I sort of wanted to surprise you with a professional photo shoot at the beach as your Christmas present. I wasn’t going to tell you, I was just going to let the photographer meet us but I figure you’re a girl and stuff, you may want to do your hair or something so I thought I had to tell you before you roll out of bed for the beach in a messy bun without makeup” (He knows me well, haha!). I could tell he thought this was the best, most thoughtful present ever and I didn’t want to dampen his enthusiasm but honestly I had so much to do to get prepare for Christmas so I answered with “Well… wow, that’s really nice honey but I will be up until 2 am wrapping gifts… any way we can reschedule to another day which is not Christmas Eve?”

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He convinced me that he had looked up the weather and it was going to be great for pictures and so I reluctantly agreed. I’m so glad I did! Rich wanted to propose to me on the same beach where we fell in love, as close to the same spot as possible.

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We got up early and he kept stressing that he wanted the pictures to be more candid, as if we were just hanging out on the beach doing what we normally would with a picnic basket and a few props for pictures which were expressive of our interests. Our photographer, KJ made me feel really comfortable and she was able to capture every detail. She kept saying that she was “testing the light” when in reality she had been instructed to capture all of the moments between poses because he wanted to catch every detail of the proposal. We got some great shots and then he suggested that we walk closer to the water where there was a ledge for us to sit on. After a few more shots, he told me he was going to grab the wine bottle prop we had brought with us. Unbeknownst to me, he used this opportunity to also bring the ring back with him! When he came back with the bottle, I turned around to position it on the ledge behind me and when I turned back I heard him asking “What about this pose?” and he dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring.

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I was so amazed and overwhelmed that I hardly remember what he said. Of course I said yes, in fact I nearly knocked us both into the ocean while hugging him!

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After the proposal, he said “I have one more surprise for you” and I couldn’t imagine what more he could possibly give me until he pulled out his phone and started a video montage for me to watch.

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Apparently, he had one of my best friends Samantha reach out to all of my friends, many of whom were from very different circles from all over the world and had them send him video clips of them congratulating me and sending well wishes for our marriage. As video after video of heart warming and at times hilarious wishes played on his phone I felt beyond blessed and overwhelmed with love and happiness.

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No detail was left out and I feel so humbled to have a fiancé who wants to give his very best every day. His proposal speaks of his character with so much accuracy from the ring which was the best he could possibly afford (and is lovely!) to every detail he worked so hard to see included in order to let me know how special I am to him. I would not trade this man for the world and this time has been truly magical!

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