Morgan and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met when we were both in college. I was being inducted into the Council of Student of Ambassadors for our university when I first met him. Matthew was a year older than me and was already an ambassador. I sat at his table during my induction ceremony (let’s throw in I thought he was the most handsome guy and I could tell he was incredibly smart and hilarious). For six months, we were just friends who ran into each other quite often because we were involved in Young Life and had the same campus job.

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We also had a lot of the same friends (who are literally the best people and we adore them, they were big fans of us dating). After an excessive amount of flirting and conversations, Matthew asked me to go on a run with him (after I told him I was faster…) which was the start of our incredible relationship. From that day, we have encouraged, loved, traveled and giggled our way through life side by side, and it has been the most fun adventure.

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how they asked

Matthew was sent out to California in August for work and I am a photographer based out of Atlanta. Long distance means lots of count downs and plane rides. I just assumed that whenever we got engaged, it would be in California because I fly out to California more frequently than Matthew can to Georgia. But, Matthew is absolutely amazing and planned an entire secret proposal (as well as engagement party) without me even being slightly suspicious… Because Matthew knew how crazy my schedule gets (especially on weekends) he had our good friend Garrett (also a photographer) call me months ago about an “event” we were hired for on February 18. Not only did this keep me in the right place, but this meant I would also dress up and actually put some effort into what I was wearing and how I looked since I was working. Two of my best friends came into town the night before the proposal, which I didn’t think anything of because we were all going to a concert, again, part of the plan but I didn’t think it was weird because that was common. One of them told me she had to get her nails done for a work event and I didn’t think anything about it since Matthew lives 2,000 miles away.

The next morning, Garrett picked me up for the “event” and mentioned that we would be making a stop to take a photo for a Young Life guy we both knew. We headed over to the room, which is the room Matthew and I met in at my induction ceremony three and a half years ago that I mentioned above. But again, Matthew lives in California so I didn’t think anything about it. As soon as I walked in, Matthew was standing in the spot where we met (with the biggest smile) and then the tears started flowing. It was the craziest feeling, seeing him in the room without me having a clue he was even in the same state and putting it all together as he started talking that he was about to ask me to be his forever.

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After the sweetest words, some more tears and lots of screams, I said yes! I still can’t get through telling everyone about it without tearing up. The thought, logistics of travel and communication and love that went into that day…I am a lucky gal.

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After taking more photos, Matthew told me to call my family and friends and not a single person was answering. Of course, Matthew had a whole plan and just smiled and said turn around, and his whole family was walking up. Then he told me everyone else was on their way. A few minutes later, our best friends were walking through the door.

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We truly have the greatest group around us and I still can’t believe they didn’t give anything away. For a girl who plans and shoots proposals for a living, Matthew did the most incredible job of making sure I had no idea and that everything was perfect.

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It was the most magical day that I still am giddy about (and probably will be for the rest of forever.)

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