Morgan and Mark

How We Met

I met Mark on NYE 2013, at East End Bar and Grill on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They throw an NYE party every year and we both happened to be there with our college friends. I had never met Mark before but his older brother and my older brother played college lacrosse with each other, we’re both from Upstate New York and everyone knows someone, it’s a small world up there.

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Morgan and Mark's Engagement in Colloca Winery, New York

My brother happened to be in the area that night and met up with my friends and I for a drink. Mark happened to recognize my brother and struck up a conversation with him. I, being the nosy person I am, interjected myself into the conversation. By the end of the night, Mark asked my brother if he could ask for my number. Of course, he said yes. I gave him my number thinking, it’s 2 am on NYE, I will never hear from this kid again. The next morning he Facebook requested me (LOL, solid move) and texted me to get drinks that week and I accepted. This NYE will be our 5 year anniversary and I am still so thankful that he asked for my number, he’s changed my life forever and I don’t know what I would do without him.

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Morgan's Proposal in Colloca Winery, New York

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How They Asked

We were in Upstate New York where I am from, staying with my family for Thanksgiving. Mark’s parents spent Thanksgiving at his Aunt and Uncle’s lake house which is about 10 minutes from my parents. We decided to meet up at a new winery on the lake that Friday, so we could all be together, little did I know it was all for our engagement. We all arrived and Mark immediately asked me to go for a walk and he proposed to me in a gazebo overlooking the pond and vineyards, it was a snowy weekend so it looked like something out of a Hallmark movie!

My soon to be sister in law snuck out behind us and snapped the pics. After he proposed, we had a few drinks and went into town to meet up with some of my friends, or so I thought. Mark ended up renting out a place and our extended families and closest friends were there for a surprise engagement party. It was the best day!