Morgan and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met through one of our mutual besties, Dave. In July of 2014 Jordan, and a crowd of college buddies came to Charlotte, where I lived as well, to visit Dave and have a long, fun weekend reunion. Jordan is Canadian and was currently living in Toronto.
It was a normal occurrence for me to pop into Dave’s apartment, invited or uninvited, on any given night to hang out or go out. This particular Thursday I barged in and to my surprise, found a good looking guy I had never seen before… Enter Jordan.

After a weekend of fun flirting, neither of us expected it to go beyond the weekend because we were countries away and that’s just ridiculous. Plus, I had just gotten out of a 6 year long relationship and was ready to be alone for a while and focus on myself. I had also vowed I would never do long distance again after half of my last relationship was long distance and I hated it. But the spark was too strong and Jordan was relentless. As hard as I tried, I could not resist his overwhelming charm.

Each day we texted, morning, all day, and night, beginning the second he left Charlotte. It quickly progressed to nightly phone calls that lasted until 6am leaving each of us undeniably exhausted at work, but so smitten we weren’t phased. Phone calls turned to Skype calls and before 2 weeks had passed, Jordan had booked another trip to Charlotte, and this time it wasn’t to see Dave. I tried to find something wrong with Jordan for weeks and I seriously couldn’t find one thing. I mean, I grilled him, and he grilled me as well. We both tried to fight it, but we couldn’t ignore that every moral, value, future goal, like, dislike, passions, all matched up. There wasn’t one thing we didn’t agree on and that’s when I started texting my girlfriends, “Y’all, he might be it.”

After obsessing over each other for a month and a half, Jordan finally came back to Charlotte for Labor Day weekend. Jordan took me on our first date to the The Capital Grill and then on a Sunday night on a rooftop, after fireworks and beer, Jordan made it official. We were officially a couple.

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how they asked

It wasn’t until my first visit to Canada that I realized how over the top Jordan was. He really loves a wow factor; and he loves to be the best at everything. Taking the reigns and making plans for us became his specialty….and I loved it. He quickly learned how much I love surprises, especially his. And it all lead up to this…

It was November and I had major suspicions of an elaborate proposal coming up so I was being extra observant of everything. Jordan told me lots and lots of lies, I won’t go into all the details but he really covered his tail to make sure I didn’t figure this out. He’s actually a very good liar and I have mixed feelings about this… Ha!

I had been living in Canada to be near Jordan and I was about to go home to Charlotte for Thanksgiving, and I was going alone. Jordan said he couldn’t go with me this time because he only had 3 days left of time off from work and he wanted to save them for Christmas (this was one of the lies he told, and the sole lie that kept me from figuring everything out). The thought of him surprising me in Charlotte crossed my mind earlier that week because that would be the most [realistic] elaborate thing he could do. For weeks I had been trying to climb into the mind of Jordan and create proposal scenarios because I love to pretend I’m a detective and I love solving puzzles. It was a thought that stayed in my mind even though I knew it was unlikely and I knew I was probably getting my hopes up. I never mentioned my outrageous suspicions to the man. So fast forward to Thanksgiving, I wasn’t thinking about it anymore because he hadn’t showed up yet and I was enjoying time with my family so at that point, I figured it wasn’t going to happen. Oh well, I thought.

But then, I got suspicious again and the thought renewed when my shady mother and best friend, Lindsey were whispering on Thanksgiving night and I caught them looking at me(my family sucks at secrets). I knew they knew something at this point….didn’t necessarily think it was about that weekend but I had a feeling they knew something about a possible upcoming proposal. So, I was thinking to myself, “…well he only has 3 days left of time off, and he won’t use them. But if he came tomorrow (Friday), he could just be here for the weekend and then go home Sunday, that would still make sense!” I am ridiculous, I know, I just couldn’t let it go! So, my detective self got to work. One of his best friends lives in Charlotte and I knew he could be secretly harboring him. So, I made him Skype me Friday night so I could see if he was in his bed in Toronto(seriously, I’m a brat), and there he was, sitting on his bed. This was the time I completely dismissed the idea. Donezo, it ain’t happenin’!

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So now it’s Saturday. I was told weeks before I was even back in Charlotte that my family and I were going to a nice dinner at Fahrenheit in downtown Charlotte for my big brother, Ryan’s, birthday. We also invited a bunch of our friends to meet us at a bar downtown afterward. I was excited and ready for a night out with all my people! We get to there and take an elevator up to the rooftop where this restaurant is. We’re greeting one another on the patio and I’m complimenting Lindsey’s dress when Jordan walks around the corner with roses. I thought I was seeing a ghost and instead of crying, I started laughing hysterically and saying repeatedly, “What are you doing?” I knew exactly what he was doing. And then, of course Mr. Slick had a one liner prepared, “So do you like this rooftop or the one in Toronto better?” (We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on a rooftop restaurant in Toronto).

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He pulled me to the side as I continued to laugh(it was happy laughter, I wasn’t laughing at him although he thought I was, ha!) and he gave me the sweetest prepared speech. He was trembling which made me laugh harder because he told me he would never be nervous proposing to me and there he was, shaking like a leaf. It began with, “Our journey began on a rooftop in Charlotte so I thought this would be the perfect place to take the next step on our adventure together…” (He asked me on another rooftop in Charlotte to make our relationship official)

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We have a thing for rooftops evidently. Anyway, he dropped to his knee and pulled out this stunning ring. I literally threw my head back in awe. Between a million kisses, and tears (yes, I finally stopped laughing) there were flashes going off in my face and I when I snapped out of my fantasy moment for a second, I finally acknowledged them saying, “Okay, whoooo is this taking my picture?!” My mother convinced Jordan to hire a photographer. I had never mentioned to her or him that I wanted a photographer but I’m so glad that we got these pictures because I get to relive this moment forever.

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When we walked over to my family, they were all screaming and then champagne started coming out non-stop so for two hours(which was obviously fantastic). It was such an amazing night, and I was so stuck in the moment. Having my family there and being able to celebrate with all of my best friends after dinner was surreal. I remember saying to Jordan the next day, “If this is what the proposal feels like, I cannot even imagine how the wedding will be!!!!”

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Special Thanks

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