Morgan and Greg

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How We Met

In 2015, my parents moved from Omaha, NE to Howell, MI to be closer my me and my sister who are both Michigan State University graduates. I was dealing with the recent death of my previous boyfriend at the time, and it was nice to have my family live local after 7 years of living away from home. My mom got a job at barber shop in a nearby town. It was the same shop Greg and his dad had be going to the barbershop for years. Each time Greg got his haircut, him and my mom would chat, the normal barber/customer type of conversations! He would always ask about me and how I was doing, and my mom would always come home afterwards and talk about “the cute fireman” that always comes in. Greg was in a relationship at the time he met my mom, and I was still not in the mood to start dating again.

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A little over a year went by and my mom still continued to talk about Greg each time she did his hair. I became more curious the more I heard about him, me working in law enforcement and Greg being a firefighter, I thought it could be an interesting combination! One morning after working all night, my mom excitedly rushes downstairs to give me the news that “the fireman is single!” I reluctantly took Greg’s phone number and we eventually began talking on the phone, and never stopped! It was an instant connection. We set up our first date at an Italian restaurant which eventually lead to a 9 hour first date! It’s safe to say it was love at first sight.

how they asked

Greg and I took a vacation to Scottsdale, AZ the first week of April 2017. We had plans to climb Camelback Mountain, go to the Grand Canyon, and go to dinner at a really swanky restaurant built into the side of a mountain! I had a feeling weeks leading up to our vacation that this may be the magical moment I had been waiting for and the proposal Greg and I had been constantly day dreaming about for quite some time. Our second night in Arizona, we went to dinner at that swanky restaurant, A Different Pointe of View. We got there really early for our reservation and I could tell Greg was kind of anxious. We checked in, sat at our table, and our waiter was seriously giving us some alone time! It was beautiful to just be together and look off the mountain down to the bustling cars of Scottsdale.

I ended up taking a trip to the restroom the finish up, and when I returned a couple approached our table, stating they were the restaurant’s photographers and would love to take pictures of Greg and I. Greg handed his phone to one of the photographers for pictures of our own, and we got into place posing with gorgeous mountains in the background. After a couple of pictures, Greg turns towards me, gets down on one knee and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him. My reaction? “Shut up!”

Was all that could come out of my mouth until I quickly said yes over and over. We got more professional pictures taken of us during the acceptance and afterwards.

It was so romantic and is so special to have pictures from beginning to end of the most amazing evening of my life!

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