Morgan Debelle and Joseph

How We Met

Joey and I met three and a half years ago when we connected on Bumble! Since then, we’ve graduated from college, started our careers and even bought our first home. We knew almost instantly that we had each found “the one.” With a wedding date in mind, it was only a matter of time that Joey got down on one knee and popped the question!

How They Asked

After finally convincing myself that a proposal was not in the very near future – Joey did it – he totally caught me off guard, completely surprised me and DEFINITELY swept me off my feet. It was the best day of my life – of our lives.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in St. Patrick's Cathedral, N.Y., N,Y,

Earlier that week my mom texted me a photo of a meeting in her calendar (a totally fake meeting you should know) that was taking place in NYC and that she wanted to meet up for a drink after I got out of work. Well, I totally bit the bait. I even suggested that we get our ashes together at St. Patrick’s Cathedral sich it was Ash Wednesday (I mean I made this too easy for them!).

Engagement Proposal Ideas in St. Patrick's Cathedral, N.Y., N,Y,

My mom had just been away on vacation and being that we are absolute BFFs I couldn’t be more excited to see her that day (or so I thought).

Morgan Debelle and Joseph's Engagement in St. Patrick's Cathedral, N.Y., N,Y,

Around 3:30 p.m. my mom had texted me that she was walking over to St. Pat’s. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get out of work on time and so I wanted to see if she would like to tour my office that she had never seen before. She didn’t take me up on the offer but I still thought nothing of it.

Where to Propose in St. Patrick's Cathedral, N.Y., N,Y,

Wedding Proposal Ideas in St. Patrick's Cathedral, N.Y., N,Y,

Morgan Debelle's Proposal in St. Patrick's Cathedral, N.Y., N,Y,

After work at around 3:30 p.m., I texted Joey that I was on my way to meet my mom and he responded, “Have a great time with momma!”

My mom had texted me that she was standing in front of the church wearing a black hat (it was freezing cold!) and that she was waiting for me. I thought it was a little odd, being that it was SO cold – why wouldn’t she be inside waiting for me?

Still, I didn’t think too much about it.

I literally RAN to the church – just so excited to see my mom.

As I approached the church I could not find her. I was about two seconds away from turning around and calling her when…

I peeked around this bend in the front of the church by the doors only to find my mom, my step-dad and Joey’s parents standing there. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But then my brain began to process like, “Why do they all look like that (holding cell phones to take pictures) and WHAT are they looking at?”

Well, sure enough, Joey was standing right there in front of me! I didn’t even see him!

I was immediately overcome with so much emotion – shock, disbelief, pure joy and so much gratefulness. I knew when I saw Joey standing there what was about to happen but at the same time I sort of thought, “Is this for real? Could this be some sort of awful prank?”

Joey said, “Hey, Morg” and walked down the steps in front of the cathedral and quickly pulled me up to stand with him in front of the cathedral doors.

I struggled to catch my breath as my tears were literally falling to the ground.

Joey said the most beautiful words as he dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES, as I shakily gave him my hand.

We hugged each other and embraced our families. Then, I was shocked AGAIN when I saw my friend and co-worked Gabe taking photos of us!

We took some more pictures and then went into the church to get our ashes.

Joey truly hit it out of the park. As people of faith, it was so special that Joey chose to propose on Ash Wednesday and in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We were so grateful to have our parents standing close by to watch the best moment of our lives (so far).

It was the most magical day – a day I will never forget.

Special Thanks

Benjamin Gabriel
 | Photographer