Morgan and Andrew

How We Met

We met my senior year of high school in precalc class. Who knew 16 and 17-year-old ya would be where we are today! 6 years together, and can’t wait for the rest of our lives!

How They Asked

Saturday 1/5/19: Andrew wanted to go out to dinner as our last “real” night out for a while, as I was having surgery on my foot on 1/9. I fought against it because I am the type who prefers to order in and watch movies at home, but I was convinced to go. We got downtown and parked in our usual spot for free that requires some walking. As we were walking on the Blue Bridge (right next to our old college campus), we happened to run into some close friends of ours from college. It was a complete coincidence as one lives in Chicago and the other in Kalamazoo.

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They were up in GR for the day taking pictures for the photography business he is launching. We caught up with them for a minute and then moved on. (I didn’t know this- but at the time we ran into them Andrew was panicking because this was not apart of the plan to run into anyone, and he was scared I would suspect something was up- because why else would they just so happen to be there at the same time as us?! They don’t live here anymore, and we hardly ever are near this spot regularly anymore!). We said our goodbyes to them and kept walking down the bridge when Andrew pointed out something over the river and I couldn’t find it. He then pulled on my jacket and when I turned around he was on one knee with the ring box open asking me to marry him.

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All I remember is asking him “are you kidding me? Are you joking?? What the heck!” Then I said yes, and asked if our friends were in on it. Andrew repeatedly told me no that it was complete coincidence that they were there. I looked up figuring they had already turned to leave and that they had missed it, but to my surprise, they happened to catch it and saw it happen! Since they were there taking pictures anyway, they already had their camera out so they were able to get some good pictures, but little did I know, Andrew’s dad and brother in law were hiding on both ends of the bridge taking pictures as well.

They captured our friend’s reactions as well! I was so happy they were there 100% by chance and that they hadn’t started departing the bridge in the other direction. The timing you just couldn’t make up with this one! Andrew and I have been together for almost 6 years, we’re high school sweethearts (weird to say), and I’m so excited that 16 and 17-year old us met when we did because I cannot imagine my life without him.

Special Thanks

Jeremy Shane
 | Photographer
Ron Eible
 | Photographer
Michael Walker
 | Photographer