Morgan and Zachary

How We Met: We were in veterinary school at the time, living on the island of Grenada, West Indies . Being in the same class, we hesitated to date, but soon found ourselves too drawn to one another to resist. Through 3 years of intense learning and embracing the beauty and unique culture Grenada had to offer, we fell in love. In July of 2014, my second best man, my dog Sheridan, was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer and required an amputation of his leg. Zachary’s other passions for photography and videography helped me cope with the diagnosis of cancer in my dog. We developed a video to share that journey with other pet parents affected by this life-altering diagnosis, taking that message all the way to local news broadcasters in my home state of Indiana and logging over 50,000 hits on youtube. We did so much together in the short time we had in Grenada, a time that will have forever shaped us into the professionals and lovers of life we have become. Our love was built on a foundation of island life, slow and steady, and we want the rest of our lives to be a reflection of that.

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how they asked: Our engagement came as a carefully orchestrated surprise, of which I was not at all privy too. It was our last semester of living abroad in Grenada for veterinary school. Zachary planned a catamaran trip for our class to get together and enjoy a little down time before the class was forced to separate for our final year back in our home countries. Living in Grenada, away from home and family, had drawn our class together. We were an island of our own making. When we did things together, we did them to the fullest, which Zachary took complete advantage of when he told me of the catamaran trip. I was none the wiser. After all, we had a few events planned as a class and I merely thought this was a farewell party. Sunday morning came, and we drove down to the beach together to meet the boat on the sand. There was laughing, music, sun, and surf as the white hull took us over the wave crests right to the beautiful Dragon Bay. One of our clinicians for the veterinary school had come along. This was the place where her husband, years ago, took her scuba diving and beneath the crystal waters asked her to marry him. We stood reminiscing about that moment in her life while Zachary called me to the front of the boat. He had an announcement. Oddly enough, our fellow classmate, and mutual friend was planning to propose to his girlfriend very soon. I became elated, asking Zachary if maybe they decided to pick today to do it. Little did I know what he actually had waiting for me! I sat in the front of the boat, a bundle of excitement and nervous anticipation for whatever was about to come. Then I turned around to look at him and realized he was down on one knee, looking at me, and there was a ring in his hand. My breath caught in my throat. Shock, exhilaration, utter disbelief. I could just shake my head, an unrelenting “Yes!” as I helped him fit the ring on my finger.

My closest friends stepped forward with bouquets of flowers. The crowd exploded in excitement in a way I will never forget as I stood shaking in front of them. This was our moment. This was the beginning of our memories. And I had to hand it to Zachary, he got me good. We spent the remainder of the afternoon celebrating our love and friendship adrift on the Caribbean Sea. When we returned to land, and my foot hit the Grenada soil, I knew my life was never going to be the same again.

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Photography: Anand Gibson // Catamaran Cruise: First Impression LTD. // Go Pro Photography: Zachary Pearl