Morgan and Zach


How We Met

I’ve been a hopeless romantic my entire life. I can’t possibly count the number of romantic movies I’ve seen or the number of Nicholas Sparks books I’ve read. But nothing could’ve prepared me for the night I met my future husband. I had seen him a night earlier when I attended a birthday dinner for a friend of mine. I saw Zach sitting at the end of the table and we made eye contact frequently but we never struck up a conversation. The next day I spoke with my friend and begged him to introduce the two of us. The very next night, he arranged for a group of us to go to a bar downtown so we could meet. I can remember every detail about that evening. From the outfit I wore, to the band playing in the background, to the type of beer I ordered.


But what I remember most is the feeling of overwhelming doubt and skepticism as this tall, incredibly handsome man with dimples and a thick southern accent shyly introduced himself. I remember thinking to myself what are the chances this guy, this gorgeous guy, is ever going to be “the one”. I knew from experience that guys who looked like that were not typically the best “relationship material”. Much to my amazement, the night was filled with easy, exciting conversation which ended with him asking for my number. In the days, weeks, and months that followed that night, we became inseparable. We were going on dates, talking on the phone for hours and spending time together whenever we had the chance. Now, here we are two and half years later planning not just our wedding, but the rest of our lives together!


how they asked

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t suspect he would be proposing soon. We had discussed marriage plenty of times and knew that would be our next step. With two happy years of dating under our belt and family and friends persistently inquiring I knew the big day couldn’t be but so far off. However, the magical moment played out sooner and better than my wildest dreams. It all began inconspicuously enough. My best friend, who is a photographer, called me up one afternoon asking for a favor. She wanted Zach and I to model for a styled shoot to advertise for a wedding venue that her parents had just built. I was immediately filled with excitement but wondering how in the world I would convince my photo-shy boyfriend to agree to the shoot. Much to my amazement, he agreed.

Several weeks later, the day of the photo shoot arrived. We met Sidney (my friend and photographer) at the venue that morning, along with several other vendors who would be helping with the shoot.









We were dressed up in full wedding day glam.



For the next few hours Zach and I posed, feigned smiles and laughs for the camera, trying to capture those typical wedding day bliss photos. Then came THE moment. Sidney instructed us to prepare for the first look shot- when the groom sees his bride for the first time. She told Zach to stand with his back to me and for myself to slowly walk up behind him and tap him on the shoulder.


Once I tapped on his shoulder, Zach was supposed to turn around and give the all-adoring, teary-eyed, elated smile of a groom seeing his bride for the first time.


As instructed, I approached Zach and tapped him on the shoulder. What followed was the single greatest surprise of my life.


He had an elated smile and tear-filled eyes, but he also had a trembling hand has he dropped to one knee and held out a ring.


I could hardly believe that my best friend and man of my dreams was right in front of me, down on one knee, asking me to be his wife.






I managed to choke out a yes as we embraced and tears of joy began to flow.


Upon turning around to see that he had arranged for my parents to be there and watch the proposal I began to sob even more.







What an incredible day- it was by far the greatest day of my life. I cannot wait to marry this wonderful man.



Special Thanks

Sidney Leigh Photography