Morgan and William

how we met

We actually worked together for a couple years and when I was preparing to leave for another job a coworker of mine pushed me to reach out and start talking to him.

how they asked

We had gone up to our cottage on Beaver Island over Memorial day and I knew going up there it would not happen because we were only with his side of the family (we had agreed it either needed to be done in front of both families at the same time or just the two of us). Us and his parents were over at the cottage already but his sister was flying over the next morning. We woke up and slowly got ready and I thought it was kind of odd how much food we were making just for the arrival for his sister but I didn’t say anything. His dad went to pick her up from the airport and when she got back I was standing outside waiting for her since I was watching her dog. As she got out I noticed several other people also getting it of the van which I though was really odd. I finally realized it was my parents and brothers and then I looked next to me and Will was down on one knee proposing! It was a complete surprise since I thought there was no way my mom would ever fly over to the island but I’m so glad he planned it that way. It makes our favorite place even more special.

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