Morgan and Will


How We Met

I was an RA working the front desk in the freshman residence hall, and Will was a Firefighter/EMT just getting off work. He walked in and said, “I’m not trying to hit on you, but I think a smile would look so good on you.” I couldn’t help but smile every time I saw him after that! We didn’t speak to each other much after that, but for six months we had the biggest crushes on each other! On the first day of the spring semester, our mutual friend, TJ, told Will about how I was always gushing over how handsome and sweet he was, and we started talking to each other again. We had very conflicting schedules, so we would write notes to each other on napkins and stick them to the other’s door. Two weeks later, I told Will I loved him (don’t believe him when he says he made the first move), and the rest has been a fairy tale.


how they asked

Will enlisted the help of my little sister to bring me to the place where we met (she “had to interview me for a class”), where she handed me a note that said, “I’m not hitting you,” (It was supposed to say “not hitting on you,” but he was so nervous that he forgot to put “on”). A fire truck cam and picked me up and drove me around campus with other trucks following us (there were so many lights and sirens that people thought something was seriously wrong!). We stopped, and my dad met me at the beginning of a path.


My daddy led me down the path to the Campbell House, my favorite spot on camps, where Will was waiting inside with my cat, Q, and a slideshow of every picture we’d ever taken.


I never got a chance to watch the slideshow, though, because Will immediately dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him!


At that point, I found out that our families and closest friends were there watching us! The rest is a blur of hugs, tears, and pictures.


I’ve never felt so loved in my whole life.