Morgan and Will

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How We Met

Will and I met through mutual friends when we were seniors in high school. The first time Will saw me, we were actually on two different dates with other people at the movies. Turns out, we had some mutual friends, and he asked them to set us up. From the very first day we met, we became best friends. There was never any awkwardness– mostly due to Will’s sense of humor which always kept me laughing. After we started dating, he told me about how he kept staring at me throughout the movie, and his date got mad at him. We quickly fell in love with each other other and there was never a doubt in my mind that he was the one for me.

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how they asked

It was Saturday, May 6, and Will had told me that he was going to the hunting camp with his brother and his dad to do some work around the camp. It was a sunny day and I decided last minute to go to the beach for a few hours and lay out. My dad told me before I left that he wanted to take me and my grandmother fishing at a pond on a farm of a family friend that afternoon, and that she REALLY wanted to go, so I had to make sure I was back in time to go fishing. So there I was walking out onto the beach, and I heard some family friends calling my name, so I went over and sat with them for a little while. It was a funny story after the fact because they all knew I was getting engaged that afternoon and they were extremely confused as to why I came to the beach on the day I was supposed to be getting proposed to. They struggled to keep their 8 year old sister away from me because they were afraid she would spill the beans. Later that afternoon I left the beach and began making my way to the farm to go fishing with my dad and my grandmother, or so I thought. I was driving down the driveway and noticed a white piece of paper on one of the trees, then above the piece of paper was a picture of me and Will. I was instantly shocked and speechless because I had a pretty good feeling what was about to happen and my eyes filled with tears of joy. I ran as fast as I could to read what the note said. Will wrote some extremely sweet words about the picture of us together, then told me to drive across the pond to the next letter. I found the second one, another picture of us and even more sweet words from Will, and then further instructions to drive to a third note. By the third note I was shaking and crying, so much excitement because I couldnt wait to see Will. The end of the third note did not have any instructions at the end on where to go next, so I stood thinking for a minute on what to do next, then thought maybe I should turn around. It was perfect timing because Will was walking up behind me with tears of joy in his eyes as well. He then got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring, and I said YES!!

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