Morgan and Weston


How We Met

Wes and I met at Arkansas Tech University in August of 2011. It was my first year at Tech and his second. My roommate, Kati, convinced me to sign up for intramural flag football through the BCM. (Thanks, Kati. I owe you! haha) We showed up on the first day of practice ready to learn everything there was to know about football! Turns out there was a pretty cute coach there waiting on us. :) Wes and some of his friends helped us girls the most they could (bless them) and we weren’t half bad. At the time I didn’t think much of it. College was a new experience and finding a boyfriend was not at the top of my priorities. After all, the last words my dad told me as he dropped me off, were “Remember, you are not here for an MRS degree.” I do remember thinking “that coach” was awfully good looking, but I also remember thinking he probably already had a girlfriend anyway. Turns out he didn’t. Wes and I talked off and on at first, but as practices and games kept coming, a certain someone would text me and tell me “good job, you played great!” after every game. (P.S. he got my number from the sign-up sheet, he never even had to ask for it) lol. Still not convinced that this was happening or that he even liked me, I often asked the other girls on the team if he was texting them this much. Apparently he wasn’t. Needless to say, those text messages and flag football games turned into hanging out more often and eventually becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.


how they asked

Wes called me on a Thursday evening and immediately told me that I was going to be mad at him. Why, you ask? Well, he proceeds to tell me that his boss called and he will have to work all day Saturday, meaning we will not get to see each other on our usual weekend visit. At this point we had been doing the long distance thing for about a year so you really count on the two days a week you get to see each other. I, of course, got upset and caused a bit of an argument that night. I will be paying for that for years to come. Ha! Flash forward to Saturday and my mom invites me to come with her to get my nails done because “I have had a long week at work.” I agree to go and it doesn’t throw me off at all because if we’re being honest, my mom and I probably go on a few too many nail dates. Later in the day, I am hanging around the house reading and writing lesson plans when my mom comes in and announces we need to get ready to go take a family picture up by our old barn (one of my FAVORITE places.) I agree to do this as well because, well, I have nothing better to do, right? My boyfriend is at “work.” Again, this doesn’t upset me in the least because I am usually the one begging everyone else to go take pictures at the barn. Like seriously, all the time. My mom also insists that I change clothes for this “family picture.” Not quite sure why an old T-shirt and shorts are not acceptable. ;). Mom interrupts the middle of a Razorback game to drag me up there to take this picture and at this point I probably should have caught on. My dad didn’t even complain. He hates pictures and definitely prefers a Hog game any day.The 3 of us drive up to the old barn and my mom claims that my aunt or uncle (who were in the house up by the barn) will come out soon to take the pic. Meanwhile she wants us to just “walk around.” Not long into this walk, I hear something and turn around. I see Wes walking around the corner of the barn and I immediately exclaim Oh, my gosh! No! Are you serious?! At this point I am pretty sure I know what is about to happen and I can’t stop saying Oh my goodness! Wes has to basically drag me around the the other side of the barn where I see a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sign that says “YOU & ME.”  I melt. I now have tunnel vision and don’t see or hear anyone else around. He tells me I need to read the card on the flowers. It took what seems like forever to get my hands to stop shaking long enough to pull the card out of the envelope. Eventually I do. It says “Turn Around, Pretty Girl…” I turn around and see his parents, two of my best friends from college, and two of his best friends from back home. They are holding signs that say “MARRY ME.”

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I turn back around to see my mom holding a sign that says, “SAY YES.” By now, I’m sure I am on the verge of tears and I cannot even remember what he said. I hope he said “Will you marry me?” because when I turned back around and saw him on one knee, I just exclaimed, “Well, yeah!” He gets up, gives me the most GORGEOUS ring and the biggest hug. It was the most perfect day with the most perfect people. Everyone says their fiance did good, but let me tell you, mine did GOOD!


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