Morgan and Trae

How We Met: Trae and I are just two small town broads that were lucky enough to be at the same rock and country bar on that October night. I wasn’t looking for anything special that night, but that blue eyed wink and tipsy smile swept me off my feet. It wasn’t long after a few rides in his tractor that I knew I was going to spend forever with this man.

how they asked: My brother got to help set the foundation of Bullskin Creek Event Venue and as a family we followed its beautiful journey. Knowing that open house was right around the corner, I asked Trae to join. As the weeks past I became anxious, and waking up that morning, it was anything but a normal day. Trae demanded me to be ready at 9:30, which is a big deal because I’m not a human until about 12pm.

Little did I know that the photographer he had planed to capture the moment was only there till 11. When we arrived and both of our parents trickled in behind us. Lightbulb.

Image 1 of Morgan and Trae

He lead me up the stairs and at the top was a canvas with my name on it. I turn it around and in disbelief I look up… And there he was, on his knee.

Image 2 of Morgan and Trae

The world stopped and all I saw was his teary eyes staring at mine. As he slips my grandmothers gorgeous gold ring on my finger, I finally remembered to say yes.

Image 4 of Morgan and Trae
Image 5 of Morgan and Trae

Image 3 of Morgan and Trae

Photos by: Jordan Scott