Morgan and Tom

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How We Met

I live in Cincinnati, he lived in a small town in Pennsylvania. When we were in junior high I met one of my good friends through the Jonas Brother’s fan club. (I’m a sucker for Nick). We became pen pals and would send each other packages for holidays, birthdays, and all of those fun things. It was so much fun having a friend in a different state! Turns out, she had a crush on this guy in her class named Tom, but was too nervous to message him.

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I told her I was message him for her on AIM, so I got his screen name (creepy looking back, I know). They dated for around a month, but realized they were better off just remaining friends. We were all pretty close throughout high school and talked pretty often! Tom and I never really stopped talking after that day. Years passed, and we decided we either needed to stop talking, or take the leap and meet each other in person to see what happens. On July 15th, 2015 I drove to Penn State to meet him, the rest is history. We were long distance for around a year, and he moved to Cincinnati after graduating from Penn State!

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how they asked

We love going on walks together and update each other on what’s going on in our lives. It always seems like the most personal time we have with each other. When he first came to Cincinnati, I took him to my favorite park called Glenwood Gardens. His plan was to take me to this beautiful spot with a bench that overlooks miles of trees, we considered it “our spot”. On September 25th 2016, We walked three miles to that spot and he asked to marry me! It was such an intimate, personal day for both of us.

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