Morgan and Tim


How We Met

Tim and I originally met back in 2011 at the University of Utah. I had just transferred there from a school back home in California and decided to join a sorority. Looking back on it now, that was the best decision I had ever made because it led me to Tim, who was in a fraternity. We became friends through our mutual fraternity friends and through events such as philanthropies and formals, but we both ended up dating other people throughout the next couple years. It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 when I made a move on him at a fraternity boat trip to Lake Powell that would change our entire lives! Throughout the rest of that summer we were just friends, but he every so slightly invited me over to his house from time to time for parties his roommates would host (I also lived 5 house down from his, so that helped in his favor!). It wasn’t until September 2013 when we were both very single that he asked me out on our first date to Mazza, and now 3 years later we are engaged!

how they asked

Mine and Tim’s 3 year anniversary had just passed and we finally had a weekend we were both not scheduled to work, which is very rare for us! Tim had told me that he planned dinner for us on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary, which is not un-like him :) Saturday came and it began as a normal day as we took our puppy to the dog park and watched college football (major bummer-the Utes lost to Oregon). He then told me we would plan to leave around 3:30 to make it to cocktail hour, “whatever that is”, I thought. I put on a new dress I had gotten and Tim put on a tie, and we were off! I had no idea where we were going, but Tim started driving up the canyon towards Park City and then 45 minutes later pulled into the Montage at Deer Valley!! We got out of the car for valet to park it, but not before Tim pulled out a bag he packed for us to stay the night! We then checked into the hotel and my first question was “What is Loki doing tonight?!” Luckily, our very best friends Ashley and Taylor were in on this surprise and were staying at our house with our puppy!

We got settled in our beautiful room overlooking Deer Valley Resort and Park City and then headed down to “cocktail hour”. We headed out to the patio where the fire pits were roaring and there were two glasses of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries awaiting us. (Ok I guess it was our very own cocktail hour!) Tim then grabbed me hands and started saying how much he loved me as I blacked out and starting tearing up. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, in which I said “Yes!!!”.