Morgan and Shiloh

How We Met

We met at Junior High camp at Indian Lake Nazarene campground during a watermelon eating competition.

how they asked

We went to Indian Lake Nazarene Camp (where we met in Junior High) for a cookout date. While there we took a walk to the “old beach”. We walked down by the lake to talk. There he asked me if I had 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 memorized. I told him I knew most of it but not necessarily word for word. From is backpack he pulled out a Bible and began to read it. He said how he had hoped this was the model of love that he had for our relationship this far, and how he hoped it would continue to be. Shiloh then said how he wanted to model this also in our ministry. As he got down on one knee he asked me to not only be his ministry partner for life but also to be his wife. After I said yes and wiped away the tears he said the Bible was also for me. When I turned it around it read my soon to be married name, Morgan Elizabeth Koyl.