Morgan and Shawn

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How We Met

On March 8th, 2015 I sat across from Shawn at the west side Starbucks. I studied the features of his face and watched how he reacted at each word; what made him excited as he talked. And in that moment, I realized everything before him was a backstory: all my success, failures, and my mistakes, made me who I was and led me straight to him. I’ll be honest, I could have never pictured myself dating a man in the army. Those women spent countless hours, days, weeks, and even months without seeing the ones they love. It takes a strong woman to support their man, but there I was taking it all in.

how they asked

Fast forward 2 years later, we had accomplished so much together. Since that day we met, Shawn transferred into the career he loved, we moved in together, and I had finally finished 5 years of university. Our lives had changed as we do almost everything together, from cleaning the house, cooking dinner together, to spending our holidays together with either side of our families. So this summer, after meeting so many milestones, I decided to take the summer off and head to Ontario with him for leave, and spend 2 weeks visiting family and friends. I’ve made this trip twice before, but only in the winter during my March Break, therefore seeing Ontario in full bloom was a beautiful sight to see.

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The first Saturday that we were up there, which was Canada’s 150th, Shawn was very impatient after waking up. I did not sleep well the night before, as he tossed and turned most of the night, keeping me awake. When I went upstairs in the kitchen of his grandparents to have breakfast, Shawn had opted out of breakfast, since it was apparently almost lunch time (it was only 9:30). As I sipped my coffee, Shawn came out to ask me if I was almost done my coffee as it was going to rain and he wanted to take me to the ridge so I could finally see what it looked like in the summer since I had only ever seen it in March. I had replied that since other family members were coming over to celebrate Canada day with us, that I would like to do my hair and make up first, in which he replied that I could do it later, in which he eventually just gave in and let me do it.

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After him pacing back and forth for me to hurry up since the rain was coming, I was finally ready to hop into the RTV and take it up to the ridge. He had made sure to pack my tripod and camera for me, so I could take pictures, which is something I always do. When we got up to the ridge, the trees were full of leaves and there was green for as far as the eye could see. As I hopped out and was attempting to prepare my camera to take pictures Shawn told me to turn around. I’ll be honest, my heart skipped a beat as I thought “could this be it?”.

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As I turned around Shawn was down on one knee with a ring box fully opened. I am a person who cries at everything, and although I thought our engagement I’d be able to keep it together, happy tears started flow. Shawn told me that he had put a lot of thought into where he wanted to do this. Ontario was a part of home to him, and I was from New Brunswick, so this was a chance to bring the two provinces together, especially since we share so much in New Brunswick. He told me how this year we were celebrating Canada’s 150th and he wanted to be right by my side when we are 73 and 74, celebrating Canada’s 200th. He continued to say the most romantic speech, but I was in shocked, and it became a blur of emotion. The engagement was perfect and I couldn’t have pictured anything better; its definitely a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

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Special Thanks

Heather Pelletier
 | Photographer