Morgan and Shaun

How We Met

Shaun and I have known each other since about 2nd grade. He was friends with my older brother and I was friends with his younger brother. We grew up playing sports together and stayed friends through high school and visited each other a lot in college but were never more than friends. We always had a “thing” for each other but our paths never really aligned. We both move down back home after a few years exploring in other states and instantly started hanging out again. We were the maid of honor and best man in our best friends wedding and they will now be our maid of honor and best man. It’s a fun dynamic to have such a close group of us!

How They Asked

We went camping at the sand dunes to ride ATVs with two other couples. Saturday morning Shaun and the guys went to get the ATVs while us ladies stayed at the campsite to cook French toast over the campfire. The boys took so long we ended up finishing 3 bottles of champagne for mimosas when they finally arrived to tell us we were going to start with a hike up the dunes instead of the ATVs. So we jumped in the Jeep and headed to the dunes not realizing how much champagne we had Shaun was trying to be all sorts of romantic as we walked up the dunes. Well if you’ve ever been there…it’s straight uphill and I’m sure as heck not in shape. I told Shaun to stop touching me and trying to hold my hand ? we got to the top and I bugged Shaun about how we only have pictures of us at other people’s weddings and I wanted it to be our turn. He asked our friend to snap a quick photo of us with Lake Michigan in the background and as I was fixing my hair from blowing in my face I turned around and he wasn’t down on one knee! I was so nervous and surprised I handed him my right hand instead of my left!