Morgan and Sam

Image 2 of Morgan and SamHow We Met: We met (in a bar…oops) in Wilmington, NC while we were both in school at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. We ended up talking and realized we were from small towns in Eastern NC that were only about 15-20 minutes away from each other. We had mutual friends and I even knew some of his family, but we had never met until that night over 5 years ago.

how they asked: We love everything about Wilmington and hope to live there again one day. I was in town visiting friends and Sam told me he had to work back home and couldn’t make the trip. After a walk to the river walk with friends before dinner, a man driving a horse drawn carriage pulls up and asks if I am and then I see Sam step out of the carriage. It had been raining and he was wearing his suit and he got down on one knee. After he asked that special question and I said yes he tells me to turn around. There I saw both of our families jumping and screaming on the balcony of a restaurant nearby. He had planned a whole weekend with our friends and family to celebrate. Everyone was in on it and it was perfect…Image 3 of Morgan and Sam Image 1 of Morgan and Sam