Morgan and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met when he walked into my work looking for a gym membership. He had just moved to the city I grew up in and was wanting to join a gym. We talked for a while and ended up exchanging numbers.

how they asked

About two years ago, right after we started dating, Ryan and I went to Minnesota to visit some of his friends from college. We explored this beautiful, frozen-over waterfall that was potentially the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Fast forward to Labor Day weekend of this year, we revisited the same waterfall hoping to see it when it wasn’t frozen. Ryan and I posed for a few pictures in front of the waterfall and afterwards I tried walking away to look at the photos our friends had taken. Ryan pulled me back and continued to pose. I was extremely confused but thought maybe they hadn’t gotten a good photo yet. A few more photos had been taken and again, I stepped forward to check out the taken pictures. At that point, Ryan pulled me back one last time and dropped down to one knee!

Morgan's Proposal in Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota

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