Morgan and Robert

How We Met

Way and I met when I was 18 years old, a freshman in college, him being 20 years old and a third-year transfer into our university (St. John’s). Both of us were college athletes I played soccer and he played baseball, and after meeting we were almost instant best friends and just about inseparable. My roommate at the time was hanging out with one of his roommates and she would always tell me that we needed to hang out with Way and all his roommates and one night they came to our dorm and we all decided we’d go out that night and just have fun! Ever since that night, I’m not sure we went a day without seeing each other.

We simply loved being around each other, it was natural and I knew very quickly I would marry this man. We were just friends in the beginning and within months we couldn’t help it (he couldn’t), we started dating. The way being from California and myself from New York it only made sense to travel cross country and see where he was from. Our first trip out to his hometown landed us in Big Sir, to a hike that we would fall in love with and one that almost 6 years later we would be on and he would ask me to be his wife on. This hike was special to us, his hometown was special to us, California was special to us, and I would find myself moving there just days after my college graduation. Two years of long-distance was hard but also showed us what we had and wanted to have for a lifetime.

How They Asked

I did NOT expect a thing. How? We are all still trying to figure that one out! After both of us moved to Huntington Beach and realized we wanted to move back to his hometown and start our lives together, we found ourselves at his parents’ house. We were there for MONTHS saving for our first starter home together, and weeks after we closed on our house, Way told me we would be doing a staycation in Carmel and that the only thing I could know we were doing was hiking in Big Sur. Side note: I always told Way I didn’t want to be engaged until we were engaged.

The BIG day comes and we couldn’t have gotten a better day for a hike. It was beautiful outside, although when we got to the top it was WINDY. I immediately was not about it. We soaked in the view but Way insisted he gets a photo of me like he had done so many times before. I frustratedly agreed, only to find when I turned around he would be on one knee, and the other couple that had also been at the top would be the photographer he had hired to capture the moment. I was shocked, and excited and could NOT stop staring at the ring, MY ring.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Big Sur, California

The easiest YES I would ever say. The surprises of the day wouldn’t stop there. We headed from the hike to a quick bite and drinks. I didn’t know what to do, who to call first, and he simply just told me “let’s just celebrate us together and we can call our parents a little later”. After some food and drinks we were driving to our next location I was staring at Way and at this beyond the beautiful ring, and the only thing I could think about was how I wanted so badly to have my family from New York there with us to celebrate.

Little did I know that when we walked into our next location, a local winery, I would see my twin brother, sister, other brother and sister-in-law (missing a few more siblings), not to mention Ways whole family and FINALLY my parents. I couldn’t help but love Way even more for the planning that went into the weekend.

The way followed it up with telling me I wasn’t going to work on Monday, that we were all staying at the Carmel Mission Ranch and spending the next few days together. It was the first time our families were meeting in person after almost 6 years of being together. Just tears and smiles. I get to marry my best friend, doggy daddy, home-owning, handsome, police officer Fiancé! Can’t wait for our forever.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Big Sur, California

Special Thanks

Taylor Spedaliere
 | Photographer