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How We Met

Riley and I have known each other for years. We were both from the same town in Iowa, went to High School together. He was the funny guy walking through the halls, but for some reason, I didn’t always think he was so funny.

In 10th grade, Riley was a freshman and we ended up in Spanish together. He would constantly ask me to move my arm so we could cheat, and honestly, it drove me crazy. Still, I let it happen. Time went on, and all of a sudden I was a senior in my last trimester of high school. Riley and I ended up in an unstructured study hall together. We sat at the same table in the commons area every day, and although I always acted super annoyed by him, there was just something about him that made the study hall so much fun. We both admit today that when we weren’t there or I wasn’t there, the other one of us would go somewhere else for that time because it just wasn’t the same.

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End of the school year came and we started hanging out outside of school secretly. It continued on into the summer. Some nights we would just sit in my car and talk until sunrise, even falling asleep once in a while and then scurrying home to avoid getting in trouble. It was a great summer. But it came to an end and I left for college, and Riley started senior year.

We thought it was the end of our fling, but a month or so into college and I found myself heading back home often on the weekends. We decided we would start dating. The next year, he came to Iowa State, where I attended college, and we made the greatest memories. We have now been together for 5 years this month!

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We will be getting married on 09.21.2019, our 6 year anniversary.

how they asked

After I graduated in May 2017, I had an urge to move to Colorado for a year before I began graduate school back in Iowa. I spent one summer in Denver my junior year and knew I just needed to go back. One of the hardest decisions was to create distance between us, but it allowed us to have super awesome mountain trips about once every month when he would come to visit.

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As much as I loved Colorado with some of my best friends and as much as Riley was having a great senior year with his friends, we couldn’t wait to be together in the same place again. I planned to move home the first week of May, and I definitely had a countdown going.

The last weekend, my three best friends and I planned a fun mountain adventure to Estes Park. It was so bittersweet knowing it was my last trip to my favorite place while living in Colorado. We got ready in the morning, Ashton packed her camera, we got our favorite bagel sandwiches, and were on our way.

Funny thing is, our plans got twisted a bit, which anyone that knows me knows that I about had a panic attack when any plan changes, and we ended up hiking for 1.5 miles through the snow to Lake Bierdstadt, per the suggestion of my friends. I wore my brand new tennis shoes that day thinking we were planning to take cute pictures, but Little did I know the hike that was in store.

Finally, after circling to find the entrance to the lake, we find our destination. We walk forward to the most beautiful view I had seen in my whole year living in Colorado. But it gets better. I turn to my right and the love of my life is walking toward me. At that moment I knew what he was there to do.

He drove 12 hours through the evening the Saturday before finals week with Ashton’s boyfriend (now fiancé) to ask me to be his forever in my favorite place. It is a moment I will remember for the rest of our lives. And the 1.5 snowy hike in my brand new tennis shoes was so worth it. I have attached pictures and – video of the Proposal! Also, 3 moose walked up right behind us moments after we popped champagne. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

We will be getting married on 09.21.2019, our 6 year anniversary.

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